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We are dealing with small differences that can make a huge difference in our outcomes. For many; the difference between concentrating on our desire and concentrating on lack of our desire is small and hard to grasp.

Our intentions are sincere. We may regularly say affirmations about our desire. We believe we concentrate on our desire. Yet our concentration is actually on the lack of our desire. For example:

We want a new job.

As we affirm our desire for a new job; we think of all the reasons we want the new job. We  may think:

* Our pay is too low. We want higher pay.

* There is no opportunity for advancement. We want such opportunity.

* Our co-workers are lazy. We want co-workers who carry their weight.

* We have little opportunity to use our skills. We want a more challenging job.

So while we think we concentrate on our desire; we really concentrate on the things about our job we dislike. The Law of Attraction, which is completely indifferent to our intention and welfare, brings us more of what we concentrate on. More of the things we dislike about our job. This is the reason why people often leave one undesirable job, relationship, home, financial issue etc. and quickly find themselves similarly unhappy with their new situation.

So how do we assure we concentrate on our desire instead of lack of our desire? The answer is gratitude. We shall deal with that shortly.


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To cooperatively create a better world through increasing mastery of the Law of Attraction.

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Very often, small differences in creation or performance make huge differences in results. The winner and losers, in elite track events, are often separated by mere hundredths of a second. Winners of horse races often outpace their rivals by literally the nose of a horse.

However, for me, the most dramatic example of the power of small differences is the fact that mice and humans share an incredible 99% of the same working DNA. That is why drugs are often tested on mice before being released for human consumption. A mere 1% variance differentiates us from the small, furry cheese loving rodents! Humbling to say the least.

In  applying the Law of Attraction, small differences in application often create astoundingly different results. We shall study such cases.

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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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