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Many of us find it difficult to ask for what we truly want because we:

  1. Fear admitting we need help.
  2. Fear being refused or rejected.
  3. Think we know how our question or request will be answered.

Train To Be A Champion Asker By Regularly Asking For “Small” Things Such as:

  • Ask to have the special sale pricing on items, after the expiration date of the sale
  • Ask for upgrades when you shop
  • Ask for a more deluxe hotel room at no additional cost
  • Ask for better seats at the theater
  • Ask for lower credit card rates
  • Ask for more help doing household chores
  • Ask for more love, affection, understanding, sex

In asking, as in other things, nothing can take the place of experience. Start by frequently asking for small things. Get comfortable with asking. The more often you ask for things, the more quickly you’ll get comfortable asking. Soon you will feel comfortable asking for bigger and bigger things. Very often, the only thing a person has to do to get exactly what they want is just ask for it! So many wonderful things began simply because somebody asked a simple question.

But if you don’t ask, you may NEVER know if you could have had that job, marriage, love affair, dance, promotion, opportunity etc. If you ask, you will find out. You will enjoy closure one way or the other.

You have nothing to lose, since you didn’t have what you wanted before you asked for it. You might get it if you ask for it. The worst thing anyone can say is “No”.  You can live with that. After the “No”, you will emerge stronger and more confident and ready to continue asking, asking and asking again…


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A judgment free life is a free life.  One of the fastest paths to peace of mind is to release judgment. When we judge others, we judge ourselves. Our minds are not compartmentalized to deal kindly with ourselves and harshly with others. They will either deal kindly or harshly. Nor do our minds particularly differentiate us from others. That is mostly the work of our egos. When we release ourselves from judgment, we automatically begin to release others from judgment.

Judgments chains us to the past. In fact, virtually all the shackles and obstacles, that keep us away from what we desire, are our judgments. Some judgments are against us. Some are against others. It doesn’t really matter. None of them do us any good. When we free ourselves from judgments, good things automatically come our way in ever increasing abundance.

We need to remember that all judgments, no matter who or what they are supposedly against, are really against ourselves. For instance, if we judge a former job as “awful”, the fact remains that we had this “awful” job. Why did we take and hold this “awful” job? After all, nobody forced us to take this “awful” job. We took it of our own free will. That doesn’t make us sound too wise, dignified or discerning, does it?

If someone you know complained constantly about their “awful” job, what would your first thought be? Why did they take it in the first place? Why do they stay there?

If we judge a former friend or lover as a “backstabber”, what does that make us for having had such a friend or lover? Not too bright, desperate, needy? It certainly doesn’t say anything good about us. While our judgments may be against others, they invariably come back to bite us. To be truly free, we must release judgments against ourselves and others.

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It is important to only share your desires with people who are supportive and helpful. As the old Frank Sinatra song “That’s Life” notes, some people take perverse pleasure in tearing down others’ dreams.  Nor need you argue. Negative people love arguing but those with desires to manifest have better things to do.  Resisting negativity strengthens it, which is not what you want to do.

Family members, friends and others may find out about your desires and they may question and doubt them, sometimes with the best of intentions.  In cases like this, it is great to have a good comeback line or two in reserve.

Moreover, having comebacks increases your confidence in achieving your desires and increases your attraction power towards them. Make your comeback lines general, rather than personal, and don’t invite personal commentary and comparison.

You may respond to criticism simply by saying, “I hear you”, which is polite but makes absolutely no commitment to agree with their negativity. Here are some other comebacks,  for inspiration. Soon you will easily create your own.


Negative:            You want to start a business in this economy. So many businesses are going bankrupt.

Comeback:         Perhaps, but a lot of businesses are also doing well. Historically, many of the most successful businesses were started during tough times.

Negative:            You’ve never succeeded at anything like that before. What makes you think you can do it now?

Comeback:         Many of us are capable of doing things we’ve never done before.

Negative:            You may not be thrilled with your job but it’s steady. Do you really want to throw it away for pie in the sky?

Comeback:         Sometimes it’s important to take calculated risks in life to achieve what you really desire.

Negative:            Do you have any idea how many people have failed trying to do what you want to do?

Comeback:         Some people gave up but others have persisted and succeeded. Like boxing great George Foreman said, “It’s not how many times you get knocked down that counts. It’s how many times you get back up”.

Negative:            Some people have luck with relationships but you don’t seem to have that kind of luck. Maybe you should just face the fact.

Comeback:         People come into and out of our lives for a reason. It has nothing to do with luck. Nor does the past predict the future.

Negative:            I don’t know how to put this nicely, my friend, but you’re trying to bat way out of your league. Come down to reality.

Comeback:         Many of us settle for much less than we are really capable of.

Negative:            You’ve got to be kidding! You want to do what? At your age?

Comeback:         People can do amazing things at any age. I read about a man who learned to read at age 91 and published a book at age 96.

The great thing about having such comebacks available is that you can always use them with the person whose opinion matters FAR more than anyone else’s. Guess who? Exactly. You. So it’s well worth having such comebacks available even if you never need to use them with anyone else.

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Big desires don’t usually manifest all at once. For instance, the financial abundance you seek will likely show up initially in small dribbles – as if turning on an old faucet that dribbles before it runs full force.  The small dribbles are early signs of the deluge of abundance that is coming your way. If you complain about the inadequacy of the “small” manifestation, you turn the abundance  tap off.  Instead, the Law of Attraction will bring you more lack to complain about. On the other hand, if you express sincere gratitude for “small” manifestations of your desire; the Law of Attraction will bring you more to be grateful for.

The romantic partner you seek may also not appear at once. You are likely to meet a number of people with some qualities you seek and some you don’t want. Each new potential romantic partner should be treated as evidence that your desire is coming to you.  Appreciate their good. Do not complain about their shortcomings. If you criticize these people and their unwanted qualities, you focus attention on what you don’t want. The result is to bring more people with undesired traits into your life, while driving away those with desired traits.

Gratefully receive and praise every manifestation of your desire.  Never complain about the early manifestations of your desire.  Give thanks for everything good. Even the “smallest”. Recognize it as a sign of much greater good that is destined for you. This will keep the good flowing to you. The Source does not recognize “big” or “small”, “adequate” or “inadequate”. It simply brings more of what we concentrate on.

The same is true in all areas of your life, whether you seek a suitable business opportunity, new job, new friends or anything else. Don’t slam what appears as inadequate.  They are evidence your desire is in the process of manifesting. Expressing gratitude for the good keeps the good flow coming and increasingly desirable romantic partners, job offers, business opportunities etc. manifesting in your life.

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Long before I had heard about the Law of Attraction, I bumped into an old friend at a subway station. We began to discuss many things and our careers came up in the conversation. My friend was doing very well in his career with a software company. I was experiencing what might be called a “career slump” at a brokerage firm.

Somewhat embarrassed to share the details of my career slump with someone I hadn’t seen in years, I gave him a rather fanciful description of my career. I didn’t lie, but I exaggerated. I avoided discussing my earnings but I did exaggerate my freedom, future prospects with the firm etc. I found myself speaking rather easily, fluidly and in great detail because I was speaking of what I wanted, rather than my exact present situation.

Fast forward five months. I thought back to this conversation. By then I had changed firms and was in a much better situation. It occurred to me that everything I had told my old friend that day had come true!

Another time, I was going through a dry spell in my romantic life. When a conversation with some colleagues came up about weekend plans, I gave a rather fanciful account of my plans. They were more along the lines of what I wish my weekend was going to be like, rather than my actual plans. A few weeks later, I was happily dating and my romantic life took a  major turn for the better. My fanciful account had again come true! I was beginning to think I can’t tell any little white lies because they all come true. Exaggeration is not always a bad thing. Without realizing it, I had begun to apply the Law of Attraction principle of acting “as if” something I desired was already in my life.

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Warren Buffet reportedly plans to leave only a tiny portion of his vast wealth to his children, when he dies. Buffet has already donated billions of dollars to charity and plans to donate most of the rest at his death. Buffet believes that leaving children billions of dollars does not benefit them.

Not every billionaire agrees with Buffet.  Some billionaires will enormous fortunes to their children.  However, leaving one’s children a large inheritance has pros and cons.  Inheriting vast sums of money is problematic for many scions of rich parents.  Other big inheritors prove themselves able to increase their riches and do a great deal of good with their wealth.

Mastery of the Law of Attraction makes a great legacy for your children. There are few more useful things to teach your children. Money can be made and lost. Careers can become obsolete.  Popularity comes and fades. Marriages don’t always last. Circumstances constantly change. However, the law of attraction will always be in force. Anyone who attains reasonable mastery of the Law of Attraction is equipped to do well in life, no matter what circumstances they face. There is no downside to teaching your children mastery of the Law of Attraction.  It can do only good.

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When you speak positivity about your desires, you draws them closer to you.  When you speak negatively about them, you push them further away. Highly accomplished people often speak of projects they’re working on as if they had already been accomplished. For instance, real estate moguls may speak of a condominium complex they’re planning, as “setting a new standard in luxury living” before the building’s foundation has even been laid. The moguls are expressing their intent and automatically attracting the power of the Law of Attraction to make it come true. Such statements are not empty boasts. Empty boasts are simply intended to impress others through exaggeration.

Not only should we strive to speak only in positive terms about our own desires. We should do the same about the desires of others. Firstly, this will make us welcome companions. Secondly, the Law of Attraction doesn’t distinguish between our feelings towards our own desires and those of others. Nor do our emotions. Our emotions are powerful but simple. We either feel good or bad about desires.  We can’t feel good about our own desires but bad about those of others, at the same time. Our emotions can’t be compartmentalized. When we speak well of others’ desires, this good is reflected back on us and draws good to us. When we speak badly of others’ desires, it draws negativity to us.

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