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In order to live the lives we want, we must start by owning our vision.

As long as we refuse to take responsibility for our lives, we give our power to other people and circumstances. No long term improvement is possible until we claim the responsibility and power ourselves.  Concentrate on owning your vision.  It does you good to celebrate every step you take on the path to taking 100% responsibility for your life and vision.

While we assume total responsibility for our lives, we must allow others to assume responsibility for theirs. We must make our own decisions. We must not let others to shift responsibility, for their lives, onto us. Nor should we try to control other people or circumstances. This is futile and exhausting. Just as we must follow our path; others must follow theirs. Others must make their own decisions. Just as we know what is best for us; others know what is best for them.

The more responsibility we take for our vision and lives; the more control we have to design our lives as we wish. The following is a sample statement of ownership of your vision:

At this date (date),   I (Your name) own my vision of  ______________________________.   I own my vision and results completely and understand they are an outer reflection of my inner world.

You may accept this vision statement or create one more to your liking.


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Taking good care of what you already have sends a powerful message, to the universe, to create more abundance in your life. This applies on every level. For instance:

* If you want finer clothes, make sure the clothes you now own are well cleaned, pressed and altered, if necessary, to look and feel their best.

* If you want more money, make a habit of saving at least 10% of the money you earn and investing it wisely.

*If you want to get along better with your partner, praise them for all that is good about them and your relationship.

* If you want a more modern car, keep your present car well tuned and in good running order.

It is a good thing to express our appreciation for the countless good things we enjoy, with words. However, the actions of taking good care of all our blessings are physical expressions of our appreciation. Such caring actions give our words far more power to manifest our desire.

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In earlier posts, we noted that we need to align with our desire; rather than trying to torture it into manifestation through endless struggle.

Alignment with your desire is a simple but crucial concept in The Law of Attraction.  If you are firing a gun at a target, you can only hit your target if you’re aligned with it. No matter what your desire, it will only be manifested if you’re aligned with it. The quickest way to judge whether or not you’re aligned with your desire is to answer this question honestly:

How confident are you, on a scale of 1 to 10 that your desire is manifesting right now?

The greater your confidence; the greater your alignment with your desire. In upcoming posts, we’ll look at ways to increase your alignment with your desire.

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Play is not only for children. Pity that so many feel that play is not a valid way for adults to learn. Learning is supposed to be serious stuff for adults.  The general feeling is that adults must be bored in order to learn anything.  Yet often, the best way to learn is to enjoy playing at what you’re learning.

Traditionally, children dress up and play constantly. They dress up and play at various roles such as fire fighter, doctor, super hero etc. Educators recognize children learn a tremendous amount from such play. Yet when a child reaches a certain age, they’re supposed to stop it.  Society tells them it’s not a grown up thing to do.

Our society doesn’t particularly respect dressing up and playing by adults, except perhaps as a hobby (such as amateur theater). However, we pay fortunes to people, in Hollywood and elsewhere, who are skilled at doing just that. We are never too old to dress up and play at new roles that appeal to us. There is no age when it stops being fun and a learning experience.

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Our thoughts become manifested in our experience as an acorn, under favorable conditions, eventually manifests as a large tree.  Manifestation does not create things out of nothing. Manifestation simply releases existing potential inside us. This is true of all our desires. We already have the potential to fulfill them. If we didn’t have the potential to fulfill them, we wouldn’t have the desire in the first place. We may have idle wishes we can’t fulfill, such as the wish to win a major lottery prize, but not true desires.

The clarity of our thoughts determines what is manifested in our lives. Strong clear thoughts are relatively quickly and powerfully manifested in matching results. Weak and confused thoughts manifest dubious results. We can’t expect otherwise. Just as we can’t expect to bake a delicious cake if we use rancid butter, sour milk and stale flour. Similarly, the quality of what we manifest depends on the ingredients we use. Our manifestation ingredients are our thoughts and emotions.

An analogy could be a person looking at a travel brochure, while deciding where they’d like to go for a holiday. As they view various destinations, they examine potential… They could visit any destination in the brochure or many others, not shown in the brochure. All of these are potential destinations.

At some point, the person will decide which destination they want to visit.  Their decision will be based on factors such as how much they want to invest in the holiday, which activities and amenities they prefer etc. Their holiday experience will be a manifestation of all the thoughts and decisions which lead to it; and all the thoughts and decisions during their holiday. The manifestation of their holiday is a release of the potential.

The same is true of all our experiences, such as our employment, business, marital, family, relationship, dating, romantic, financial experiences etc.

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Why is Oprah Winfrey so massively successful?  Because countless millions of people, around the world, believe she adds value to their lives.

Why are top pop music acts such as The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Kiss, Madonna and Lady Gaga so successful? It’s because they demonstrate an obsession with delivering maximum entertainment value to their fans. They go to considerable expense to do so in terms of theatrical makeup, expending energy, fireworks displays etc.

Why is Bill Gates so successful? Vast numbers of people believe Microsoft products add value to their lives.

The real wealth of successful people is not in their corporations, banks, sometimes luxurious homes, stock and bond portfolios. All these things are merely symbols of their real wealth. The source of all their wealth are their fan bases. Their fan bases are simply groups of people who believe they add value to their lives.
The same is true for all of us. Our fans are people who believe we add value to their lives. Want more fans? Add value to more peoples’ lives.

As we become bigger Value Adders, our attraction power draws other Value Adders into our lives. This makes life better for ourselves and everyone around us.

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Cardio exercise definitely has it’s place. However, Latin dancing, particularly salsa, is a much sexier and more enjoyable way to get a good cardio workout. The music alone is enough to put you in a better mood. I believe the world would be a better place if everyone learned Latin dancing. Get ready to hit the dance floor by checking out the site below. No, I don’t get a commission, in case you’re wondering.


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