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Zany funnyman Jim Carrey doesn’t appear to take many things too seriously. However, Carrey does take the Law of Attraction seriously. He credits Law of Attraction principles for much of his career success. We can all draw inspiration from Carrey’s journey to Hollywood stardom.



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Will Smith is articulate and passionate in this short video on the Law of Attraction in action. His statements on the power of our choices are particularly noteworthy. I highly recommend it.


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Life is in the now and our attraction power is in the now. The first thing to realize, when it comes to feeding your attraction power is that you need to feed it regularly.  As you need to eat regularly to survive and be healthy.  The delicious dinner you ate four days ago is not nourishing you now.  Likewise, the inspiring seminar you attended last month is not enough to nourish your attraction power today. Growth requires constant feeding. Body builders consume muscle building protein, in large amounts, throughout the day. It is not enough for them to eat one high protein meal each day. Your goal is to grow your attraction power as mighty as you can, right now, so it will serve you as you wish. We need to constantly feed our attraction power big hearty meals to make it grow big and mighty. Unlike our appetite for food, one can never feed one’s attraction power too much.

However, just as we enjoy a variety of foods, it is best to feed our attraction power in a variety of ways. Even if you love Chicken Kiev, for instance, there comes a point when you’ve had enough of it. The same is true of feasts for your attraction power. Provide a variety of feasts for your attraction power. Feeding our attraction power big hearty feasts strengthens it. The stronger our attraction power grows; the more quickly and powerfully our desires are manifested

When we feel we’ve had enough of one attraction power feast; we can feed our attraction power in other ways. We should stop doing activities when we feel we’ve had enough, just as we stop eating when we’ve had enough to eat. Feeding our attraction power is effective when we enjoy the feasts. Feed your attraction power as much as it wants for as long as it wants and quit, for the moment,  when it tells you it has had enough. More ways to feed your attraction power include:
* Motivating books
* Biographies of successful people, especially in the fields you are most interested in
* Inspiring movies
* Inspiring quotes
* Volunteering and helping others
* Donating your time, money and effort to charities you are passionate about
* Spending time with inspiring people
* Doing things which make you feel good
* Inspiring conventions and rallies
* Honing your skills at something you enjoy
* Creating inspiring work and home environments for yourself and your family
* Visualizing events, as clearly as you can, occurring exactly as you wish they would
* Reciting suggestions which enhance you feeling of power and positivity

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As individuals, our power is limited. That is why we court endless frustration when we try to “make it happen” all by ourselves. If we relied only on ourselves, using only our personal skill, time and energy; it may take us many years to build a single home.  Moreover; unless we are skilled builders, it may not even be a particularly good home.

When we connect with The Source, our powers are unlimited. A light bulb is a good analogy. By itself, a light bulb is of little use. In order to provide light; it must be connected with a power source. The problems we experience manifesting our desires arise largely from trying to do it on our own and not being aligned with our desire. If we are not connected to The Source, no amount of wishing, hard work, planning, education etc. will manifest our desires.  Just as nothing you can do with a light bulb will make it glow, unless you plug it into a power source.  The two things we must do to manifest our desire are:

  1. Connect with The Source
  2. Align Harmoniously With  Your Desire

There is nothing wrong with planning, of course. However, the success of our planning depends on us being connected with The Source and harmoniously aligned with our desire. If we do not do these two things, all the planning in the world won’t manifest our desire. On the other hand, if we are connected with The Source and in harmony with our desire; we may soar gloriously above our goals and plans.  The Law of Attraction is far more powerful than any goal or plan.

Bill Gates did not set out to be one of the richest men in the world. Nor did he set out to build the world’s biggest software company. Rather Gates had the relatively modest goal of building a company “bigger than my father’s law firm”.  However, Gates’ vision was a computer in every room with Microsoft software inside each computer.  Gates’ vision sky rocketed Microsoft far above his plan. Gates’ vision was in harmony with a far greater achievement than his goal. Naturally, his vision prevailed.

The same is true of Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg; to date, the world’s youngest self made billionaire.  Apparently Zuckerberg was barely motivated by money at all. Rather he was driven by the vision of creating an “open world”. Zuckerberg was in harmony with his vision and it came true. In his late teens, Zuckerberg was able to reject multi billion dollar offers for Facebook, from the likes of Time Warner. These enormously lucrative offers weren’t compatible with Zuckerberg’s vision.

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Your suggestions can be made more powerful by reciting them while doing routine activities such as bathing, cleaning your house, dancing, working etc. This is sometimes known as “anchoring” because, in time, the activity becomes associated, or anchored, with the feeling we seek to create.

When taking out the garbage

“You (your name) discard old beliefs and ideas which no longer serve you”.

When shopping

“You (your name) select only the most pleasing people and situations for your life”.

When eating

“You (Your name) nourish your body and mind with healthy food and thoughts”.

 Do NOT do suggestions, or anything else requiring concentration, while driving, operating machinery, or other circumstances which require your concentration on the task at hand. Tweak your suggestions regularly for the most powerful and inspiring feeling available to you right now. Soon tweaking your suggestions will become a habit and your mind will automatically find and adopt the most inspiring suggestions available to you at the present moment. This is a great habit to form. The ultimate purpose of suggestions is to merge with our normal thinking and raise our attraction power to manifest the good we seek.

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Mike Dillard, noted proponent of Attraction Marketing and author of the widely acclaimed “Magnetic Sponsoring”, created quite a stir with The Coffee House Letter, when it first came out in 2007. Dillard is a keen observer and great marketer so he’s always worth listening to. Whether or not one agrees with the Coffee House Letter and its “Get Paid Today” philosophy, there is a kernel of truth that every home business, small business and medium sized business owner should heed.

Note: I have not included a link to The Coffee House Letter because it is linked to a business opportunity I am not familiar with and don’t wish to be seen as endorsing.

Dillard is a big believer in the Perry Marshall obervation that, “Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill. They wanted a hole. Therefore if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes – NOT information about drills!” In other words, concentrate on delivering the experience customers want rather than simply supplying commodities.

Don’t sell on price. Don’t be a commodity business. Be a value adder business. Price cutting has never been a great business model for most businesses, because someone can always sell a little cheaper than you. In these days of massive Big Box stores, huge discount outlets and E Commerce, price cutting is the road to disaster for small and medium sized businesses. We can’t possibly compete with the Walmarts of this world. Our goal should be to provide expensive high value added personalized goods and services with a perceived value even higher than their prices.

We need to focus on providing enjoyable, valuable experiences rather than simply goods and services people can get anywhere. Think about the total experience you can provide your customers and always strive to make it a better and more valuable one.

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Laughter yoga originated in India and has since spread throughout much of the world. The health benefits of laughter are believed to be extensive, including; reduced blood pressure, improved immune system functioning, stress relief and many more. Personally, I found laughter yoga to be the only form of yoga that doesn’t bore me after a few sessions.

In this video, John Cleese (who knows a few things about laughter) explains the benefits of laughter yoga. I recommend you try it! The fear of acting goofy in front of strangers will probably soon disappear because everybody is acting goofy. You’ll likely soon find yourself laughing more in general, because laughter attracts more laughter. The Law of Attraction never fails us. More laughter is something almost everyone could use.


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