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Lieutenant Columbo is the legendary cigar chomping old TV series detective, played by Peter Falk, known for his slovenly clothes and dilapidated car.  Columbo constantly examines crime scenes and suspects, meticulously collecting every tiny bit of evidence.  He invariably traps the guilty party in a final gotcha scene. Columbo provides a good mindset for collecting manifestation evidence.

Put on your rumpled Lieutenant Columbo hat when you seek evidence your desire is manifesting. Try to catch every scrap of evidence. The more evidence you notice; the more evidence you find. Like attracts like. The more evidence you find that your desire is manifesting; the more positive “coincidences” occur in your life to guide you closer to your desire. The more evidence you find of your desire manifesting, the more quickly and powerfully it DOES manifest in your life.

Lt. Columbo in “A Trace of Murder” (1997)


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Cut Loose!  Be creative and courageous. Here are a few questions to get you going:

  • What if “failures” don’t count?  (They don’t)
  • What if you deliberately doubled your “failure” rate?
  • What if you let your fantasies run wild?
  • What if it didn’t matter how things turn out?
  • What if you totally ignited your passion?
  • What if your limitations were self imposed and you could ditch them right now?

First answer these questions. Secondly, come up with some of your own questions to see yourself and the world through different eyes and unleash your creative powers.

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Invest in stocks or mutual funds? It is worth while buying bonds? Is this a good time to invest in real estate? There are always legions of advisors to offer wise sounding predictions of what the future holds in store for our investments. Very often, even the most soundly reasoned predictions are proven totally wrong. Legendary investor Warren Buffet quipped the main purpose of investment advisors is to make fortune tellers look good!

However there is one investment that ALWAYS pay the biggest returns. That investment is you. Invest in yourself. You are, by far, your own best investment. Invest in:

* Nourishing yourself with the best quality food you can. We literally are what we eat. Everything we digest eventually becomes part of us.

* Making the most of your home. Wherever, you live; decorate it to give you the best feeling you can from it.

* Clothes that make you feel great when you wear them.

* Your education. There is an old cartoon showing a homeless person in dire circumstances. The caption reads, “Think education is expensive? Try lack of education!” It is impossible be too educated. There are always things we can learn to increase the value we are able to offer ourselves and others.

* Pampering yourself because as the old ad says, “You’re worth it”.

We need not look far to find the investment that pays the very best returns.

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When the student is ready, their teacher will appear.

(Old Proverb)

A mentor is simply someone who shares knowledge with and/or helps a less experienced person. Many people wish a caring, skilled mentor would come along and teach them how to be more successful in business, how to lose or gain weight, how to invest better, how to be more attractive to potential friends and lovers and many more things. Our mentors need not be far away.

Just about everyone is above average in at least one skill. In that skill, they could be a mentor to someone. Perhaps to a lot of people. As an example, for not too technologically skilled people, like myself, the average teenager could be our mentor in working with computers. Not only are there plenty of mentors around us. Most of them are quite willing to help us when we approach them in a reasonable manner. Our potential mentors are everywhere.

We have much to learn, if we are willing to do so, from mentors of all ages, backgrounds, experiences etc. Some mentors are in our lives for long periods of time. Others are in our lives briefly. The best mentors don’t try to teach us. We can only teach ourselves. However, a good mentor can benefit us enormously in many ways.  Nor is it a one way street. A good student also teaches their mentor many things.

As much as you can, spend time with people who enjoy considerable mastery of what you wish to achieve. Get together with the person or people you know who are best among those you know. Always start from where we are right now. Ask them to mentor you. Keep asking for a mentor. In return, offer them respect and find out what else you can offer them of real value. Both you and your mentor have much to gain from your relationship.  

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Check out this Entrepreneur Magazine article for helpful advice on making your product or business go viral. Thanks to the social media, big advertising budgets are not necessary for big marketing success. Three cheers for the social media!


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Inspire comes from the Latin words “spire” meaning spirit.  Inspire literally means “in the spirit”. You can’t be any closer to anything than if you are “in the spirit” of it. If we are truly inspired, we are doing it, living it, breathing it. To be truly inspired is to become that thing which inspires us. To become so intimate with it that it becomes part of us.

An inspiring desire in one that we not only passionately want but we know exactly WHY we passionately want it. We want to be it.

So ask yourself; What Is Your Passion?

  • What makes you happy?
  • What makes forget what time it is?
  • What feels natural for you to do?
  • What do you love to talk about?
  • What are you unusually skilled at doing?
  • What would you do even if you never got paid for it?
  • If you had 12 months to live, what would you spend your time doing?

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A personal focus audit tells you what you are focusing on through your investment of time. You may be sure that your investment of energy and passion is similar to your investment of time. Look for time you are investing in things that don’t give you joy the benefits you seek.

Where is your focus now? How are you using your time? What are your returns on your investment?

 If you want to see growth in any particular area of your life, you must increase your focus on that area. Your results depend on your focus. Big results require big focus. Your best results come from concentrating your focus on the one area which is most important to you right now.

Suggestion:  Audit how you are investing your time. Find time you are now focusing on less important parts of your life and use some of it to focus on what is truly important. But don’t overdo it. Make sacrifices you feel good about making. Your aim is to increase your enjoyment. Not decrease it.

Self Development?

Job, Career or Business?

Caring For Children and/or Other Family Members

Your Education?


Dating, Your Spouse or Significant Other


Physical Fitness

Watching TV, Internet  Etc.

Which area of your life are you most interested in improving now? That is the area where you need to increase your focus.

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