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“Talking things out” is a common relationship mantra today. We supposedly must always tell our partners what is bothering us. Anyone familiar with the Law of Attraction can immediately see the problem with this approach. Often “talking things out” turns into gripe sessions, in which we voice complaints about our partners and our relationships.  Our concentration on the negative brings more such negative feelings and conversation. The result is the opposite of the improvements we seek.

Instead of improving, our communication and relationship is harmed. Talking about what we don’t like and want brings our focus on the undesirable.  Nothing good can come from focusing on what we don’t desire.

It is far more productive and pleasant to focus on the aspects of our relationships that we like.Find all the good in your partner and your relationship; appreciate it and praise it frequently. This makes the good aspects of our relationships grow and increasingly replace the undesirable aspects.  Concentrate and praise what we want more of.


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 Although biases are sometimes associated with racial and other prejudices, many biases serve us well.  In fact, they’re absolutely necessary. We’d never get out of the house, in the morning, if we had to think through each of the enormous number of decisions we confront every day.

We need to adopt biases which increase our self esteem and make us feel good.  Which biases make you feel good?


Bias towards believing most people like you

Bias towards believing things will work out well

Bias towards believing you are resourceful and up to almost any challenge

Write out a list of at least three other biases you could adopt, which would make you feel more empowered.


Perhaps you’ll want to claim these biases as your own and adopt them as your normal thinking.

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Business people are increasingly aware of the fact that they don’t need to drag their competitors down to succeed. For instance, fast food franchises, which used to compete ferociously with each other, now share the same buildings and food courts. They realize that the more choice they offer consumers, the more consumers they draw. Which is good business for everyone.

Car companies collaborate to form large auto malls in which competing auto companies sell their cars. They also realize it benefits every car company when they unite to create a more inviting shopping experience, for consumers, than any of the companies could offer individually.

There is enough success for everyone. In fact, there are no natural limitations whatsoever to success. Just as there are no natural limitations to love. When others succeed, it does not reduce our success. When we succeed, we do not harm others. The old “take no prisoners”  business ethic is being replaced by collaboration. It won’t be missed.








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Often we are motivated to act out of bad feelings, such as unhappiness or desperation. We are unhappy with our job, so we seek another job.  We are unhappy with our relationship, so we seek a new relationship. We are unhappy with our home, so we look for another home. The problem with acting out of negative emotions is that we take those emotions to our next job, relationship, home etc.  We may hang on to those negative emotions to justify our changes.

For instance, many people find divorce traumatic. It often results in many (not always wanted) personal and family changes.  People commonly justify these changes by adopting a negative attitude towards their former spouse.  Such negative emotions lower their attraction power and draw more negative emotions and negative experiences into their lives. 

That is why so many people relive the same unhappy experiences over and over again. They leave one job and are soon just as unhappy with their new job. They divorce one spouse and are soon just as unhappy with their new partner or spouse. They leave one situation and soon find similar things to be unhappy about in their new situation.

The way to press the reset button on the pattern of negative emotions and unwanted results is to change our attraction power. We must become as happy as we can with our current situation, while realizing better is in store for us. We can only set our emotions in the now.  Feeling as good as we can in the present moment is a habit we can all develop. Just take it one moment at a time. Ask yourself:

1) What can I do to feel better right now?

2) What can I think to feel better right now?

When we build this habit, we have an excellent chance at a happy and productive life.

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AC/DC sang “Its A Long Way To The Top If You Wanna Rock and Roll”. The band has always been passionate about rock and it shows. Few would claim AC/DC is one of the most talented bands in rock history, but their simple chords and adrenaline rushing style and antics have made them one of the most successful bands in rock history. Only four rock bands have sold more units than AC/DC.

It’s not only a long way to the top in rock and roll. It’s a long way to the top in everything. That is why we have to be passionate about our mission and we have to be in it for the long haul.



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If we give it even a moment of thought; it’s obvious that holding grudges hurts us and not those we hold grudges against. After all, they’re likely partying, dancing, vacationing and romancing while we elevate our blood pressure and damage our health grudging against them. Moreover, we are probably the last things on their minds. So we need to let go of grudges for our sake; not for the sake of those we hold grudges against. They likely couldn’t care less how we feel.

Forgiveness is often recommended. However, it simply doesn’t work. The Law of Attraction clearly explains why forgiveness doesn’t work. When you forgive someone; you can’t escape the implication that they done you wrong. After all, what did you forgive them for? Thus forgiveness always carries the wrong they supposedly did you. Every time you think about forgiving them, you also think of the wrong. The Law of Attraction assures your concentration on the wrong brings more such negative concentration and more negative experiences to match it.

So what can you do that is more effective than forgiving?

The answer is to wish everyone well simply because that is what you do. Just as the sun shines because that is what it does. The sun shines without prejudice on people, dogs, cats, rocks, snakes and rats. It doesn’t decide to shine on some but not on others. That is the attitude you need to adopt. Wish everyone well because that is what you do.

How do you do this in the real world?

This may sound good in theory. How do you do it in the real world?

Make a suggestion such as:

“I (Your Name) wish every one in the world well including….”

At this point, you recite a long list of people you wish well for, such as friends, relatives, acquaintances, coworkers etc. Sandwich the name(s) of the person(s) you find it more difficult to wish well somewhere in the middle of the list. If you are having trouble wishing well for more than one person, divide their names among the names of those you have no trouble wishing well.

At first, you may find it strange and revolting to wish some people well. However, with repetition, it will feel increasingly natural. In time, you will weaken and eventually dissolve the grudge. Moreover, you will acquire a valuable habit with lifetime benefits for your peace of mind.

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The old cliche goes that the only way to get a loan from a bank is to prove you don’t need one. Thankfully, there are more sources of non traditional funding available today than ever before. Crowdfunding is growing in popularity as a source of investment capital for small business. It could be your answer. Check out this article from Smallbizztrends.com.


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