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The Pollyanna Plan is a beautiful thing.


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One of the paradoxes in life is that everything is hardest to obain when we most need it.  There is a lot of truth to the old joke that in order to obtain a bank loan, you’ve got to prove that you don’t need one. Few things turn people off as much as neediness. Neediness is a killer in every market from the job market to the dating market. Virtually nobody wants to hire, date or otherwise get involved with a needy person. People are drawn to those who are doing well without them.

The same is true of our desires. Don’t count on manifesting your desire to make your life right. It won’t happen. You are most attractive to your desire when you are happy without it. The first step towards manifesting what you want is to become as happy as you can without it. This vastly increases your attraction power towards your desire and all good in general.

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When we start to plan our holiday, we enjoy theoretically unlimited possibilities.  We could go anywhere in the world and do anything.  We begin to create our holiday by narrowing down our possibilities according to our choices such as:

  • How much money will we invest in our holiday?
  • What is our destination or destinations?
  • How much time will we take for our holiday?
  • What is our means of transportation?
  • Where are we going to stay?
  • What do we wish to do?
  • Who will be our travel companion(s), if anyone?

We also imbue our holiday with emotions such as:

  • This is really going to be fun.
  • I feel like going wild on this holiday.
  • I feel doubtful about X. This trip is make it or break it for our relationship.
  • I feel stressed. I  need to relax.
  • I feel sad X isn’t coming on this trip with me.
  • I feel restless and bored. Why doesn’t X ever want to go anywhere else?

Our holiday is manifested according to our choices, thoughts and emotions we bring to the experience. The same is true of our career, business, marital, family, romantic and financial experiences. We begin with theoretically unlimited potential.  Our experiences are manifested according to the emotions and thoughts we choose.

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You know your attraction power is getting stronger and good things are in store for you when you notice:

  • You laugh more often
  • You feel more energetic
  • You spontaneously express joy more often
  • You notice more positive “coincidences” occurring in your life
  • Your relationships improve
  • Your less desirable friends and acquaintances drift away from you
  • You meet more desirable friends, potential lovers, potential business associates etc.
  • More desirable employment and/or business opportunities come your way
  • You increasingly get the feeling things are going your way
  • You feel increasingly confident your desires are in the process of manifestation

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It is becoming an increasingly popular custom to hold Celebrations of Life for people after they die. In these celebrations, those who knew and loved the deceased, celebrate their special times with the deceased, the accomplishments of the deceased, how they contributed to their community and the world, things to remember them by etc.

This is a very moving way to remember people who were important to us. But why wait till death to celebrate our own lives and the lives of people we care about? Celebrations of Life after someone’s death are fine. However, celebrating our lives, while still alive, is even better!

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Simply adding value often isn’t enough to assure abundance. You must also claim your desired compensation. It would be nice if we were always compensated fairly for our contributions.  Alas, that is not the case. We can keep on adding value but if we don’t claim our compensation, we likely won’t receive it. Or we’ll receive just a small portion of what we deserve. There is a lot of truth to the old proverb, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”. 

That is why even the most renowned actors, speakers, screenwriters, and athletes have agents. The agents’ job is to claim maximum compensation for their famous clients. It is necessary to add plenty of value and perform well to justify our compensation. However, we must also claim our desired compensation. Most people are content to pay us less than we deserve for our contributions.  We should be the ones who set the price for our contributions.  If we don’t set our price, other will do so. Others usually set our price well below what we deserve and could receive.

Just as you need to claim your vision, you must also claim your compensation.  There are three steps in the abundance process:

 Step 1: Add Value

 Step 2: Demonstrate your added value.  People won’t necessarily notice it, if you don’t

Step 3: Claim your compensation

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Facts are cheap and easily accessible in this internet age. One of the most important things our school systems can do is empower students to believe that they can be successful and make a real difference in the world. This is what Project Success is all about. Every school can benefit from programs like this. Check it out on the link below.





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