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Strangely enough, one of the things that holds many people back in life is that they work too hard. We do not succeed when we work as hard as we possibly can. We succeed when we find ways to add more value to peoples’ lives by working less. Businesses succeed by enabling people to accomplish more by working less. Wealth is built when small efforts lead to big results. Poverty occurs when big efforts lead to small results.

Many studies show that workaholics do not accomplish more than other people. Rather they fixate endlessly on relatively insignificant details and try to make them perfect.

Pablo Picasso advises us to do less than we can. He noted that keeping something in reserve builds up our strength and leads to greater accomplishment.

Just as it is good for our health to stop eating when we feel about 80% full, it is good to stop working before we’ve exhausted ourselves. Keep some energy in reserve. Do a little less than you can do. It is better to end your work sessions early and be eager to start again the next day than to do too much and experience fatigue and/or reduced enthusiasm. Your instincts tell you when you have done enough for now and it is time to let go. Let your work go when it is time to do so.  


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Whatever you resist persists. If you struggle against Democrats, you empower them. If you struggle against Republicans, you empower them. If you struggle against conservatives, you empower them. If you struggle against liberals, you empower them. No matter who you struggle against, you empower them.  This may be the last thing you want to do, but you do it anyway.

We do better to embrace the best ideas, wherever we find them, than to struggle with those we don’t agree with. A good idea is a good idea whether it comes from Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, liberals, leftists or rightists. A bad idea is also a bad idea, no matter where it comes from. It is far more constructive to invest our time, energy and money promoting and supporting what is good than struggling against the bad.

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Before the internet age, there was a popular game among children called “Telephone”. It is a very simple game. You line up a group of perhaps 10 people. You tell the first person in line a story and have them relate the story to the next person, who than relates it to the next person in line until every person has heard the story. Than you have the last person tell their story to the group. Often it bears little resemblance to the original story.

This interesting game shows us two things. First of all, it shows how people perceive things very differently. It also shows how unreliable hearsay it. As the old proverb goes; believe nothing you hear and half what your see.

People are often concerned that they are not getting their intended message across to the recipient. This is a concern in the business, personal, social and political realm. However, there is one simple way to know how others perceive your message.

The answer is by their response. The way people respond to your message exactly mirrors how they perceive it. People respond to messages very differently because they perceive messages very differently. A simple statement such as, “You look nice today” could be perceived by one person as a greeting. By another as a compliment. By someone else as a come on. By another person as subtle harassment.

If you wonder if you are getting your message across; simply watch how the recipient responds to it. Their response tells you what message they are receiving from you. You can adjust how you deliver your message accordingly.

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These days, stereotypes are often associated with negative racial, ethnic, religious and gender prejudices. However, we can use stereotypes for our benefit. Stereotypes are powerful mental constructs. This gives them great potential for good as well as bad.

Living up to a stereotype of people, experiencing your desire, can help raise your attraction power towards your desire. Later, when you’re confident about your ability to manifest your desire, you may choose to abandon the stereotype, or some aspects of it, and go where your spirit takes you.


Your want to be a Wall Street tycoon. You dress and have your hair styled like Gordon Gekko (played by Michael Douglas) in the famous 1987 movie “Wall Street”. The power of this popular stereotype could bring you into greater harmony with your desire. It could help make you feel like a tycoon and act more like a tycoon too. Imitating stereotypes could bring you closer to the full manifestation of your desire; no matter what you desire. There are stereotypes associated with just about everything a person could desire.

Watch the Trailer for “Wall Street”

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Our relationships with others are an extension of our relationship with ourselves. Logically, it can’t be any other way. We do not carry our relationships around with us. We can touch others but we can’t touch our relationships with others.  Relationships are not physical entities. When our loved ones are away from us; whether for a few minutes or for years, we can still maintain our relationships with them. So where do our relationships exist?  In our minds. 

Every joy and every trouble we experience in our relationship with others is an outward manifestation of our relationship with ourselves. Relationships have no independent existence outside our minds. Thus our relationships with others must improve as we love and care for ourselves more.

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Goal setting is fine.  However, unless we become an attraction match with our desire, all the goal setting and planning in the world won’t manifest our desire.  On the other hand, we may soar far above our goals if we are an attraction match to something higher.  The strength of our attraction power is far more important than any goals we may set.

For example:

Bill Gates did not plan to be one of the richest men in the world. Nor did he plan to build the world’s biggest software company. Rather Gates had the relatively modest goal of building a company “bigger than my father’s law firm”.  However, Gates’ vision was a computer in every room with Microsoft software inside each computer.  Gates was aligned with a far greater achievement than his goal. As a result, Microsoft soared far beyond Gates’ goal.

Similarly, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg appeared to be barely motivated by money at all. Rather he was driven by the vision of creating an “open world”. Zuckerberg was aligned with his vision and it came true. In his late teens, Zuckerberg rejected multibillion dollar offers, for Facebook, from the likes of Time Warner. These enormously lucrative offers weren’t compatible with Zuckerberg’s vision.


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If you’re the drummer in a highly successful heavy metal band, one of the worst things that can happen to you is to lose an arm. This is what happened to Rick Allen of Def Leppard, because of a street racing accident.

However, Allen’s band mates, particularly lead singer Joe Elliot, offered Allen lots of support. Soon after his accident, Allen met with engineers who designed a special electronic drum kit suited for his disability.

Def Leppard went on to achieve more success than ever. Their fourth album “Hysteria”, released in August 1987, sold over 20 million copies worldwide. Allen became known to millions of fans worldwide as the “Thunder God”.

To put Allen’s achievement in perspective, watch other heavy metal drummers perform, such as AC/DCs Phil Rudd, and try to imagine them doing their job with just one arm…

With personal determination and support from others, we can overcome virtually any disability and make our maximum contribution to the world. This does not only apply to the physically handicapped. It applies to everyone. Everyone has issues they must deal with in order to maximize the use of their abilities and reap commensurate rewards.

Watch Def Leppard perform their classic “Pour Some Sugar On Me”

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