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We are always manifesting. The manifestation process is constant. Everything that happens is a manifestation. However, we are not always pleased with what we manifest.

In my next few posts, we’ll look at issues which may interfere with manifesting what you want. We will also look at how to make small changes to help us manifest more pleasing results. Small subtle changes are often enough to create quite different results.

In my opinion, the most dramatic example of small variations resulting in hugely different results is the difference between humans and mice. Humans and mice share an astounding 99% of the same working DNA. This is why mice are often used in testing drugs before they are released for human consumption. Isn’t it incredibly that a mere 1% variance in DNA accounts for all the difference between humans and small cheese loving rodents?


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You need to align with your desires. Not try to torture your desires into manifestation through constant struggle.  You didn’t create your present beliefs and habits through long hard struggle. Nor will it be a long hard struggle to create slightly different beliefs and habits which serve you better

Aligning with our desires can be likened to pushing a car. If you need to push your car, it will work much better when the car is in neutral, and with the wheels aligned with your destination. It’s a great deal harder to push a car when the wheels are pointed in another direction.  Hard work and struggle won’t compensate for simply aligning the wheels where you want the car to go.

Another analogy may be setting out to physically defeat the Law of Gravity.  One could spend one’s entire life working out very hard in gyms, doing cardio training, jumping jacks, running, pushups, chin ups, weight lifting, yoga, boxing and every exercise known to man.  Yet, no matter how hard one works, their chances of defeating gravity are zero.

The same is true if we work against the Law of Attraction. No amount of hard work will ever be enough to get us where we want to go. No amount of late nights, education, ambition, cultivating contacts etc. will do the trick, if we oppose the Law of Attraction. If life is struggle; you need to make peace with the Law of Attraction.

If you can’t quite figure out what is holding you back, you are likely fighting the Law of Attraction. If you watch some people appear to glide easily from fulfilling one desire straight to another and another…as if their path is life was somehow predetermined for fulfillment and joy…and you can’t figure out why things aren’t the same for you; you’re probably fighting the Law of Attraction.

On the other hand, when you’re aligned with your desires, happy “coincidences” so often occur. You just happen to run into people who can help you. Someone just happens to cancel, in the last minute, for a course you wanted to take…You probably don’t need to work harder. You need to get more aligned with your desire.

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Often we activate the Law of Attraction to create certain results without knowing it. One example is the way people who have achieved fair results often defer to those who are richer and more famous.

Two examples come to mind. One is a rocker, who has achieved modest success in North America. Whenever he speaks of world famous rockers, such as the Stones, AC/DC and U2, he speaks with deference. His overall message is that he could never bat in their league. 

He seems unaware that a major reason he’ll never bat in their league is because he disqualifies himself by deferring to them. He should respect  more famous rockers. However, he need not defer to them. He and they are all rockers. He would be perfectly correct to act as their peer.

By deferring to more famous rockers, this musician sends a clear message to the universe that he does not deserve great success and that he never expects to experience it. The Law of Attraction makes his message true. He attracts the experiences he believes he deserves.

Another example is a man who has achieved fair success in, ironically, the self help field. When he speaks of more famous people in his field, such as Wayne Dyer and Robert Kiyosaki, his tone and demeanor is deferential. His message is that he could never conceive of being as famous as Dyer or Kiyosaki. The Law of Attraction acts in accordance with his feelings.

Though less famous than some, this man is their peer. He would do well to treat more famous people with respect as peers, but not with deference. That would send a message to the universe that he COULD become as well known as some of his more famous peers. This expectation could increase his fame and reputation in his business.

We should treat everyone with respect, but not deference.

Watch Wayne Dyer’s short video on The Soul with Oprah. Do you feel Dyer agrees with deferring to the more renowned?


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