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When you plan to add value to others’ lives and you know you can do so; your confidence soars. You need not hesitate to approach others when you offer them real benefits.  For example:

 If you know you offer a prospective employer a great deal of value; you can confidently ask them for a job.

If you know you offer a prospective client much value; you can confidently ask for their business.

If you know you have much to offer a prospective lover; you can confidently ask them on a date.


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We noted that seemingly tiny variations can yield enormously different results. The same principle works with our language.  It takes no more time or effort to speak in attraction harmony with your desire than to speak against it. It’s simply a matter of getting used to it.


Instead of saying:            I can’t afford it.

Say:                                   I can afford it and I choose to buy it.


                                         I can afford it and I choose not to buy it.

Express clear gratitude whenever you make a request or accept a request.


I’d be very grateful if you’d…

I accept….with pleasure…

Small changes in you conversation, such as these, lead to more positive changes and increase your attraction power for what you desire and all good in general.

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In my experience the greatest successes don’t come from grandiose scenarios of good intentions engendered by temporarily pumped-up motivation. Rather, the most lasting and significant positive effects result from small things, done consistently, in strategic places. (David Allen)


Small steps may seem insignificant in the face of perceived big tasks or problems. However, each small step is important. There is great power in small symbolic choices. Once you begin your journey, your increasing attraction power brings you more opportunities and gives you more strength to continue on your path.

Don’t worry about the future. Just take whatever small step you can right now. Pick the low hanging fruit first. When doing the “small stuff” right now becomes a habit, the future will pretty much take care of itself. A symbolic small step could be as simple as choosing:

  • Just for now, take the stairs instead of the elevator to your condo.
  • Just for now, avoid a time wasting gossip session and get your report done.
  • Just for now, hear your partner out before jumping in with your response.
  • Just for now, write down that idea you thought of, instead of forgetting it.
  • Just for now, avoid that usual argument and talk about something more pleasant.
  • Just for now, do something to make your home look better instead of complaining about it being ugly.

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