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The world is full of genies, in human form, who can give you what you want.  Quite often, we are the genie ourselves. There are many things we can grant ourselves.  In fact, the things we can give ourselves are the most important. Examples include; more self love, more self respect, more leisure, more relaxation, more appreciation.

Many of our problems stem from fear of asking for help. We feel we must do everything on our own. Most people like to be asked for help. Many people want to help you and take pleasure from doing so.  They find it esteem-boosting. Interestingly, studies show that people like other people more after doing them favors. The theory is, after doing you a favor, people have something invested in you. They like you more to justify their investment.

You have nothing to lose by asking. The worst anyone can say is “No”.  You can live with that. If they say “No”, you’ve lost nothing, since you didn’t have it before you asked for it. However, they may say “Yes”. Or they may offer you valuable help in lieu of saying “Yes”.


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The universe will not cooperate in a cover up.  (Arthur C. Clarke)


Suppose you took a large rock and laboriously carved it into the shape of a balloon. You paint it bright red and pump helium into it as best you can.  Next you throw the “balloon” into the air. Would you fool the Law of Gravity? Would the fake balloon float away? Or would it fall to the earth like the rock it is?

Suppose you affirmed, “I really, really, really want this to be a balloon. Look how hard I’ve worked to make it a balloon. I painted it bright red just like a balloon.  Isn’t red a great color for a balloon?  Doesn’t it look like a balloon?  I even tied a string to it just like a balloon.”

Of course, the Law of Gravity would not be fooled.  You can’t fool any natural law. That includes the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction brings us more of what we are. Not more of what we want.  If we are abundant in spirit, we get more abundance. If our spirit is love, we get more love. If we are healthy in spirit, we get more health. If we are friendly in spirit, we get more friends.

However, if we want abundance, but our spirit is of scarcity, we draw more scarcity into our lives. If we want love, but our spirit is needy, we attract loneliness or others who are needy. If we want good health, but our spirit is dominated by lack of health, we attract more poor health. If we want friends, but our spirit is manipulative, we draw other manipulative people into our lives.

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Love and appreciate your teeth and you will keep them a long time. Neglect your teeth and you will soon lose them. As many people wish they’d realized when they were younger.

Love and appreciate your career and it blossoms and brings you fulfillment and joy. Neglect your career and it soon withers.

Love and appreciate your lover or spouse and you’ll likely keep them a long time. Neglect them and they’ll seek someone who does love and appreciate them.

Love and appreciate your assets and they multiply. Neglect your assets and they vanish.

When we love and appreciate the parts of our desires we now enjoy, we invite more good into our experience. We make space for more good and welcome it into our lives. If we stop loving and appreciating the good in our lives,  we lose it.  We have no guaranteed ownership of anyone or anything.

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