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The self help genre has taken off during the last decade or so. Yet there are still many people who’d rather watch paint peal off a wall than take a self help course. My new book, “Intimate Modeling: Your FUN 7 Week Course to create The Life You Want” is meant to appeal to such people. As well as those with a keen interest in self development while having a good time. Intimate Modeling explores the fun aspects of the Law of Attraction. I hope you enjoy it. Even more; I hope you benefit from it long term. Use the link below to get it.



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Authorpreneur.com provides this most useful guide, for ebook authors, of 72 places to promote your book when it is free. Some of them are free or have free options. Others are paid.


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It is a good thing to feel confident. However, it is not necessary. Nobody feels confident all the time. Even the most powerful and successful people have doubts. For instance, despite his legendary speaking skills, Obma admitted he “never felt so scared in his life”, during a speech (without a teleprompter) intended to explain Obamacare to supporters.

What should we do when we don’t feel confident? Here are some suggestions:

1. Realize that you will get through the situation somehow. At some point, you may laugh about it, entertain others with a story about it and use it for inspiration,.

2. Admit that you don’t feel confident. Many people will support you if you honestly confide your fears and uncertainties. Expressing vulnerability is often an attractive trait.

3. Think of things you can do to feel more confident and do them.

4. Realize that self confidence is over rated. When we travel into uncharted territory, we are bound to feel doubts and fears.



Obama experiences a confidence lapse during a speech to supporters.

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