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There is a simple way to determine whether you are making good use of your time. Ask yourself one simple question:

What is the purpose of what I am doing now?

If the answer is not caring for yourself, expressing yourself or building relationships with others; you are wasting time. Everything good in life flows from these three endeavours. We need to love and care for ourselves to enjoy good health. We need to express ourselves and use our talents to be satisfied. We need good relationships with ourselves and others for life to be worthwhile.

For instance:

We eat healthy food, exercise and take holidays to care for our wellbeing.

We educate ourselves so that we can more fully express ourselves and our talents. If we do work we love, we express ourselves through it. Everything we create from songs, movies, books or companies is self expressin.

We go on dates, romance, help others, marry, have families to build relationships.
The real source of every form of abundance is your relationships with yourself and others. For instance:

To enjoy an abundance of good health; you must have a good relationship with yourself.

To enjoy an abundance of friendship, you must have good relationships with your friends.

To enjoy an abundance of sex, you must have a good relationship with your lover or spouse.

To enjoy financial abundance, you must have good relationships with your clients, customers, staff, employer etc.



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Forget multi tasking. Appreciate the beauty of concentrating on one thing at a time. (Anon.)


I don’t know how multi-tasking ever got a good name. The reputation of multi tasking is not what it was a few years ago. But some people still see it as a sign of efficiency and a good thing. Every time I think about multi tasking, I am reminded of the old proverb, “If you chase two rabbits, you’ll catch none”.

Even in theory, multi tasking makes little sense. Why would you want to divide your attention and energy two or more ways instead of concentrating on one thing and doing it well? Would you want to see a rock (or pick your favourite musical genre) concert if the musicians talked to their agents while performing? Would you want your surgeon to practice his or her golf swing while operating on someone you love?

I don’t think so. Rather than multi tasking, it is so much more satisfying to get deeply involved in doing one thing in the present moment. You also do a better job.


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