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Getting rid of clutter is a big concern today. Courses, seminars and professional help to declutter our lives are popular. Some philosophies hold that clutter drains our energy. However, many find that idea hard to grasp. Those piles of clutter seem harmless enough. Their familiarity may even bring you comfort. What does that clutter pile in your wallet, purse, home, office or garage have to do with draining your energy?

Clutter does not present an obvious physical obstacle to us. We can work, exercize, apply for jobs, socialize, romance and otherwise live a normal life with clutter. So what is the problem with clutter?

One obvious problem is that clutter wastes our time. It causes us to spend unnecessary time searching for a pen, car keys, needed papers and other things we need. Over the years, this can amount to a considerable amount of time and, after all, time is life. Time is all we have.

Adding to the time wastage; clutter attracts more clutter. It sneaks up on us like dental plaque. There is nothing dramatic about it, but we soon find a small acceptable amount of clutter becomes a large unsightly clutter. Meaning more time wastage.

Clutter is also a sign of disorganization. We may misplace important items, forget to make payments on time, miss social and business engagements, job interviews and other important dates due to clutter. This makes the costs of clutter add up seriously. It could result in us incurring financial and legal penalties, failing to land jobs we could have landed, and damaging relationships.

Clutter is a sign we are not making best use of our resources. When we search through our clutter, we are likely to find important information, money, tools and other useful items. After all, our clutter is made up of things that we valued at one time. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have obtained them in the first place. Cleaning up our clutter helps us get more value from our possessions. The key to getting more in life is to make good use of what we already have.

Clutter is also a sign of lack of focus and clinging to the past. There are likely things in our clutter which may have once been useful to us and which we once enjoyed, but this is no longer true. For example: books from old courses, old newspaper articles, letters from people we are no longer in touch with. Getting rid of these items or giving them away sharpens our focus on our current goals and helps keep us living in the present moment. Unchecked, clutter can lead to hoarding, which can become a debilitating mental illness.

When you think about it; clutter costs us time, money and energy. Clearing away those piles of clutter makes a good first step towards improving our situation in life. Those clutter piles stand between you and the life you want. They must go!

In the video below, a hoarder confronts her clutter with some assistance from the local Housing Authority.



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Countless books, videos and courses about success are available today. Few address the fact that success is polarizing. Success brings you new fans and friends, but it also brings you new detractors and foes.

For instance, when you win a promotion at work; not everyone will be happy for you deep inside. Some will be resentful; quietly or not. Perhaps they have worked longer for your company than you and they feel they should have received the promotion instead of you. Or perhaps they feel you’re getting too big for your britches. The same is true about success in virtually every field.

Our desire to succeed may clash with our desire to be liked. When you are increasingly successful, your relationships with friends, colleagues and even family members may suffer. There is an old adage that your income is likely the average of the income of the five people you are closest to. The gist is that we tend to associate most with those similar to us in the socio economic scale. When we experience greater success, we tend to repel less successful friends and acquaintances and attract more successful ones.

To be successful, we need to embrace the fact that we are naturally going to be disliked by more people. We need to become comfortable with this reality. The greater our perceived success, the more this is true. This is why the Walmarts, Microsofts, Facebooks, and Lady Gagas of this world will never have a shortage of critics and foes.

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