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A manifestation diary can be a powerful manifestation maker. It is an ordinary diary with one exception. No griping is allowed. You write only about evidence that your desire is manifesting, and evidence that suggests things are going your way.

You capture as much evidence as you can. Manifestation evidence you capture leads to more evidence, which leads to still more evidence… The more evidence you capture, the more powerful the manifestation process becomes.

Use the Lieutenant Columbo mindset for your Manifestation Diary.Lieutenant Columbo (played by the late Peter Falk) is an old time detective, known for his unkempt appearance, ever present cigars and run down car. Columbo captured even the tiniest smidgens of evidence, at crime scenes and elsewhere, to nail criminals in a big final gotcha scene. Columbo provides a good mindset for your manifestation diary. Don’t wait for big events such as promotions, bonuses, winning prizes to enter into your manifestation diary. Capture as much “small” evidence as you can that your desire is in the process of manifesting right NOW. Most manifestation evidence whispers to us. It doesn’t shout.

In the video below, Lieutenant Columbo in “Sex and The Married Detective”.

My next post will further discuss your manifestation diary and manifestation evidence. If you find value in this post, I’d appreciate it if you’d share it. Many thanks!


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Whenever we have a worthy desire, we are not the only one who benefits from its manifestation. We are all part of a larger whole. We are all in this together. Anything that truly benefits us MUST also benefit others. In fact, the manifestation of our desire brings MORE total benefits to others than to us. For instance:

When we create a successful business, we enhance the lives of our customers. In many cases, our customers will enjoy the value of our products and services long after their payments are an old memory. We enable our employees to make a living. We help our suppliers prosper. We support our families and enrich our communities. If you look at the big picture, others benefit far more from our business success than we do.

When a musician becomes world famous, they are paid for only a small fraction of the entertainment they provide. Countless millions of people around the world watch their performances, listen to them on radio and online, dance to their music at clubs and are inspired by them. The performers are only paid when people buy their recordings, merchandise or attend their concerts. Many enjoy the entertainment value the musicians provide who rarely or never pay them. 

When we build the home of our dreams, we provide work for trades and enable them to support their families. We maintain or enhance the value of our communities. We support our government through property taxes. It is also very likely that many others will enjoy living in our home after we move out. The benefits we enjoy from building our dream home is only a small part of our total contribution to the world through manifesting our desire. The best thing we can do for the world is to manifest our desires. The world benefits even more than we do.

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As putative leader of America’s best selling rock band, Kiss, TV star, businessman, author and icon, Gene Simmons has been world famous for several decades. He’s been on countless tours with Kiss and reportedly had liasons with thousands of groupies. However, when Simmons proposed marriage to long time girlfriend Shannon Tweed, he was not embarrassed to tell Tweed, and the world via Youtube, she is his only friend.

The late Michael Jackson, an even bigger star, had an astonishing 28 top ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts, including 13 number one singles (plus four with the Jackson Five). Jackson profoundly influenced musical entertainers of his generation with his irresistible often haunting songs, (such as Billie Jean, Thriller) and unique dance inventions such as the Moonwalk. Since childhood, Jackson entertained the world and made a lot of people rich.

Jackson had hundreds of millions of fans worldwide. Yet when Jackson’s increasingly self destructive behavior screamed out for help, only a few family members seemed to make any serious attempt to save him.

It is a rule that no matter how successful we become, in the end, there are only a few people who make up our world. These are the people we should cherish above all. Let nothing alienate us from them.


In the video below, Gene Simmons proposes to Shannon Tweed



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