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In previous posts, we discussed the great value of keeping a Manifestation Diary and updating it daily with evidence your desire is manifesting in your life. The more evidence you find of your desire manifesting; the more powerful the manifestation process becomes.

Another benefit of your Manifestation Diary is that it motivates you to take actions which bring your desire closer to manifestation. After keeping your Manifestation Diary for several weeks, you will be eager to take such actions and happily record them in your Manifestation Diary. On the other hand, a “to do” list often seems like a list of things you feel you ought to do. You feel bad if you don’t get them done. Your Manifestation Diary supplies more positive motivation than a “to do” list. This is a subtle but powerful difference. 

In the beginning, you may struggle to find small bits of evidence that your desire is manifesting. If you persist, you find more and more manifestation evidence. The hunt for clues becomes increasingly easier and more enjoyable. Your increasingly strong motivation to take action to increase the evidence enables you to find still more evidence. Manifestation evidence increasingly rains down upon you. Which makes your motivation even stronger. It is the opposite of a vicious circle. You could call it a manifestation circle or a joy circle.



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As we noted, manifestation evidence is usually subtle. It whispers to us; rather than shouts. Most manifestation evidence is easy to miss if we are not tuned to it. It is best to note and express appreciation for every bit of manifestation evidence we find.

The more we note and appreciate the evidence our desire is manifesting; the more the manifestation process is strengthened. When we ignore or belittle manifestation evidence, we delay or perhaps cancel the manifestation of our desire. Do not complain about the inadequacy of manifestation evidence.

For instance, if you seek a new lover; don’t complain about the incompatibility of people you date. Express appreciation for aspects of them you like. This draws more people with these desired traits into your life.

If you find or receive a small amount of money, don’t complain about it being inadequate. Express sincere gratitude for it. This draws more of it to you.

Express gratitude for every positive “coincidence” you experience. The increasing occurrence of such “coincidences” indicates your attraction power is getting stronger and your desire is in the process of manifesting.

Other evidence your desire is manifesting includes:

* Improving relationships with the people in your life.
* Increasing friendliness from friends, acquaintances and even strangers.

* Negative people drifting away from you. 


If you’re wondering whether or not to include something as manifestation evidence in your Manifestation Diary; include it.

My next post will discuss another powerful, and seldom discussed, benefit of your Manifestation Diary. If you find value in this post, I’d appreciate it if you’d share it. Many thanks!

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In the previous post on your manifestation diary, we noted the importance of capturing as much evidence as you can that your desire is in the process of manifesting.The more evidence you capture; the more powerful the manifestation process becomes. What counts as evidence your desire is manifesting?

We’ll use the question and answer format to clarify this key point in working with the Law of Attraction.

Q: If you read about and/or do online research on your desire; does that count as manifestation evidence?

A: Yes. To cite a legal example. Suppose a defendant is accused of poisoning a victim. It is discovered the defendant read books about and did online research about various poisons and their effects. Would that count as legal evidence? You bet it would. Reading about and doing research is important evidence that you are in the process of manifesting your desire.

Q: Is an increasingly positive state of mind manifestation evidence?

A: Yes. To cite another legal example. State of mind is often a key consideration in legal trials, which can help determine the guilt or innocence of an accused. A kindly state of mind suggests innocence. A malevolent state of mind suggests guilt. An increasingly happy and positive state of mind is also important evidence your desire is manifesting.

Q: If you do something or an incident occurs repeatedly, that you have already entered into your manifestation diary as evidence, should each new incident be counted as manifestation evidence?

A: Yes. Suppose you are playing a sport such as hockey. Would you count a new goal if you'd already scored one or more goals? Of course you would. Each goal counts in sports and each incident of manifestation evidence also counts. 

Q: Suppose you make plans related to manifesting your desire; but you have not yet taken action on them. Do your plans count as manifestation evidence?

A: Yes. Suppose an accused criminal is found to have purchased a one way ticket to a far off destination. Would the accused's future plans count as evidence against him or her? Indeed they would. Your plans are also important manifestation evidence.

My next post will further discuss and clarify what counts as evidence your desire is in the process of manifesting. If you find value in this post, I’d appreciate it if you’d share it. Many thanks!

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