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What greater burden could you place on someone than expecting them to “make you happy”? Who would want to to be held responsible for the emotional state of another person? It can sometimes be challenging enough to make ourselves happy.

Thousands of love songs got it all wrong. Nobody can “make you happy”. It is up to us to make ourselves happy. It is up to us to become as energetic and full of self love as we can. It is up to us to build the habit of feeling as good as we can in the present moment. When we feel these positive emotions, it is effortless and natural to share them with others.

In the video below, Pharrell Williams performs his infectious single “Happy” at the 2014 Academy Awards. It helped launch a world wide wave of happiness themed videos.


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Police front man Sting is one of the biggest names in rock. Sting is revered as a passionate songwriter, whose music explores both the sunny and darker sides of life. During his long and very successful career, Sting gave us hits such as Don’t Stand So Close, Roxanne, Message In A Bottle and many others.

Today, Sting’s net worth is estimated at $300 million. He recently announced that he was not leaving any of his fortune to his six children, from two marriages. Sting grew up poor near the Wallsend shipyard in England, which may help explain his attitude.

The very wealthy have mixed views on leaving fortunes to their children. Some believe in leaving their children bulging trust funds. Others believe leaving children fortunes can be “albatrosses around their necks” in Sting’s words.

However, there is one inheritance that is certain to benefit our children. Mastery of the Law of Attraction. Such mastery can only do our children good. It will serve them well, no matter what circumstances they face in life. Nor can it be stolen, scammed, taxed away, otherwise taken from them or lost in bad investments.

Sting performs his classic hit, “Message In A Bottle” in the video below.

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Richard Dunn, of Georgia, was stuck in a Las Vegas airport. He’d been offered vouchers to be bumped off two Delta Airlines flights. Which gave him six hours all by himself; from midnight to 6 a.m. the next morning. Not an uncommon occurrence these days. Rather than complain about it, as many people would, Dunn got inspired. He googled songs about being all by myself.

He spent several hours recording himself lip syncing Celine Dion’s version of “All By Myself”. Next step; Dunn, who works as a lighting designer, borrowed some tape from an airline employee, and made a makeshift tripod by taping his iPhone to a ruler. He used this tripod to film various shots, used in the video, around the airport. To date, Dunn’s low tech video has had more than 2 million views on Vimeo.

Our time on this planet is finite. We always have choices about how to use it. In this instance, Dunn made two key choices about his airline wait. His first choice was to obtain the six hours of time in the airport, by trading it for flight vouchers. Dunn’s second choice was to use his time at the airport in this unorthodox and creative way. Good for him!

Most people make conventional and predictable choices. This does not mean we have to follow suit. We can make our own choices, as Richard Dunn did.

Watch Dunn’s video on the link below.


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Doc Fred interviews me about my book “Intimate Modeling: Your FUN 7 Week Course to Create the Life You Want”, on his Visions of Success Radio Show. You can listen to it on the link below. Hope you enjoy it!

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Many studies show that people who are generally happy are usually healthier and may even live longer than their less joyful peers. There is a strong link between our persistent emotional state and our overall well being. It’s also much more fun being in a naturally high emotional state. Both for us and the people around us.

Can we choose our emotional states like items from a menu? To a large extent, we can. We may do this by pretending we are already experiencing our desired emotional state.

To see this principle in action, I recommend you attend at least one laughter yoga session. Laughter yoga has little to do with yoga. There are no classical yoga positions such as downward dog in laughter yoga.

Basically, laughter yoga is playing out excuses to laugh and laughing. For instance, in one common exercise, participants pretend to make a milkshake and go around the room spraying everyone with their imaginary milkshake, while laughing. Sessions generally last for about an hour. Many regular laughter yoga participants report more laughter throughout the day, improved sleeping and other benefits.

The most empowering thing about laughter yoga is that it demonstrates how readily we can summon the emotions we want. In laughter yoga, participants begin by faking laughter. However, as the session progresses, the laughter soon becomes real and often very loud and hearty.

We can summon other emotions we wish to experience too. For example;

Want to feel more energetic? 

Act as if you are already feeling very energetic.

Want to feel more in love?

Act as if you are already deeply in love.

Want to feel more sexually aroused?

Act as if you are already very sexually aroused.

Want to feel more abundant?

Act as if you already feel very abundant.

Start off by faking the emotion you want to experience. It will probably not take long till you increasingly DO experience the emotion you fake.


In the video below, the inimitable John Cleese explains the benefits of laughter yoga.

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