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U.S. Navy SEALS are members of the world famous elite special warfare group trained to operate anywhere in the world, under any conditions. They are prepared to engage in every form of combat on sea, air and land.

Not surprisingly, it is difficult to become a Navy SEAL. The fourth week of rigorous training, known as Hell Week, is specifically designed to weed out prospective SEALS of questionable commitment. Hell Week is a 5 1/2 day stretch of grueling 20 plus hours days of physical training, more than 200 miles of running and just 4 hours of sleep!

It is well known, in the SEAL community, that prospective SEALS who decide, in advance, that quitting is not an option have a far higher chance of success than those who do not.

Have you decided quitting is not an option in your life; no matter how tough things get? Are you prepared to go through hell to get what you want? When we do make such a commitment, things tend to fall in place for us.

The video below shows the rigor of Navy SEALS training.

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Please watch the short video below of a recent incident of road rage in San Diego.



Like usual, both parties in this conflict thought the blame lies with the other party. However, it is clear to objective observers that both parties were primed and ready for conflict. Their energy was tuned towards confrontation, rather than cooperation. Since like attracts like, the negative energy of each party was reflected back at them by the other party. Greater conflict is the inevitable result. This is obvious to anyone familiar with the Law of Attraction.

The man, who took the video, tried to play the blameless citizen going about his business, when he was accosted by fools. It doesn’t wash. His video was running continuously and, consciously or subconsciously, he was looking for “action” to videotape. In the form of conflict. His confrontation with the other party could easily have been avoided simply by letting the other car pass. Both parties created the sad spectacle together.

The bottom line is that we experience conflict when we are tuned to conflict. We experience peace when we are tuned to peace. It is infinitely better for our health, welfare, and the world to be tuned to peace.

To end this post on a high note; the video below shows chimpanzees using cooperation for mutual benefit.


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All you need is love. (Beatles)


Virtually everyone agrees that love makes life both possible and worthwhile. The Law of Attraction holds that love attracts more love, which is hard to debate. But what is love?

Philosophers have debated the meaning of love for centuries. To capture the spirit of love, we need to start with the understanding that love is a verb. Not a noun. It is not a thing. Nor is it only an emotion. 

The following is my simple definition of love. I believe it captures the beauty and life giving essence of love in just a few words. It covers the physical, sensual, spiritual, and intellectual dimensions of love.

It implies a deep appreciation of those we love, protecting them from harm, adding value to their lives, and nurturing them. It does not mean holding ourselves responsible for their welfare; which is impossible. 


Love is treating others in ways which increase their life energy.


If we treat others in ways which increase their life energy, we love them. If we love ourselves, which is necessary before we can love anyone else, we consistently treat ourselves this way.

What is your definition of love?

The very cute short video below called “The Language of Love” was made to raise funds for deaf children.


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It is important to realize, both logically and emotionally, that you don’t have to laboriously search for your desire and drag it, kicking and screaming, into your life. Your pursuit of your desire is a two way street. 

For example:

If you want a new home; there are homeowners who’d like to sell their home to you; and real estate agents who’d like to make the deal happen.

If you want a new job: there are companies who are willing to pay you to use your skills and ambitions to help them.

If you want a new lover; there are plenty of compatible people who want someone like you as their new lover.

If you want to entertain people, there are many people who want to forget about their problems for a while and be entertained by you.

Every good thing that you desire in life is attracted to you just as strongly as you are attracted to it.




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