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 Death has always been the inevitable result of aging. The link between aging and death is weakening and it may soon be broken. Medical advances are taking us to the tipping point where aging alone won’t necessarily cause death. The prospect of indefinite lifespans is becoming reality. Some scientists believe the first person to live 1,000 years may have been born already!

Indefinite lifespans won’t happen immediately, but it likely won’t take generations either. The young, rich and well connected will experience the greatest benefits soonest.  However, the benefits will filter down to all levels of our society, and to all nations. Ultimately, most of humanity will enjoy substantially longer and healthier lives.

Forty years ago, even the world’s richest people didn’t have access to cell phones and computers. Today, billions of people worldwide, of modest means, take such things for granted. Similarly, we can expect to see dramatic lifespan extensions, over the next few decades, as age rejuvenation therapy advances are tested, implemented and become available to more and more people.

Age Rejuvenation Therapy

Aging, according to life extension expert Aubrey de Grey, is caused by “the lifelong accumulation of molecular and cellular damage throughout the body”.  De Grey believes the solution to aging is “preventative geriatrics”. Meaning regular repair of molecular and cellular damage.

Such repairs will be accomplished by periodic age rejuvenation therapy sessions. Your desired age would be achieved by administering a prescribed number and intensity of sessions. Some experts believe your biological age could oscillate between 20 and 25 years indefinitely.

Age rejuvenation therapy won’t eliminate or reduce the need to care for our health through common sense means such as suitable diets, regular exercise, active social lives etc. Nor is it a substitute for creating a happy vibrant life, which makes us want to live well beyond today’s conventional lifespan. People want to keep living as long as life is enjoyable. Plain old loneliness and boredom are fierce foes of a prolonged healthy lifespan.

This is a three part series. In Part 2, we examine the crucial issue of how we, as a society, can financially support people who live indefinitely.

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