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If you could make just one change in 2015, what would it be?

To lose weight?
To adopt a healthier diet?
To earn more money?
To love yourself more?
To invest more in your career?
To improve your personal relationships?

These are all great things. However, the most crucial change we can all make, to improve our lives, is to be more grateful. There are an unlimited number of things to be grateful for. Everything from being born in the first place. To our family, friends, the functioning of our bodies, living in a democracy and on and on…The more gratitude we express; the more we find to be grateful for.

Check out the video below. The song was written by musicians Nimo Patel and Daniel Nahmod. It was inspired by the 21 Day Gratitude Challenge, in which an amazing 11,000 people participated. Let us challenge ourselves to express more gratitude, than ever before, in 2015!


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Many self help gurus urge us to make lists of our goals in different areas. For instance; our fitness goals, career goals, social goals, family goals, relationship goals. The problem with focusing on several goals is that it dilutes our concentration. Weaker concentration produces delayed results, weaker results or no satisfactory results.

We experience quicker and more powerful results when we concentrate on only one major goal at a time. Such concentration builds power. As the old adage goes; he who chases two rabbits will catch none. Rather than make a list of goals; clarify the one goal which is most crucial, right now, to manifesting the change you seek. This is the goal you need to concentrate on.

Check out the article below for some great tips on how to focus more powerfully on your vision.


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If you’d rather watch paint peel off a wall than take a typical self help course, Intimate Modeling may be for you. You feedback is most welcome.



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Self confidence is a good thing. But nobody feels confident all the time. For example, we may not feel confident when we find ourselves in unfamiliar situations and developing new skills. If we are fully alive, we often find ourselves in uncharted territory. So there will certainly be times when we don’t feel confident.

When we do something new to us, we need to be bad before we can get good. Similarly, we may not start out feeling confident in situations new to us. We need to feel not confident before we feel confident. Self love is more crucial than self confidence. We need to realize that we can get through whatever we confront whether or not we feel confident.

Loving ourselves does not depend on us feeling confident, any more than it depends on us feeling good, rich, powerful, attractive or competent. We don’t love our partners, relatives and friends because they are perfect. We love them because we love them. We need to do the same for ourselves. We need self love more than self confidence.

Jess Ainscough presents her 5 Tips for Cultivating Self Love in the video below.


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Do you feel time is passing too quickly?

Here are some great things you can do in just 60 seconds.




What others can you think of?





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Will I regret not doing this thing when I’m 80 years old?

(Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon, on his “Regret Minimization Framework”)

When we are young, it’s easy to feel we have all the time in the world. As we become a little older, reality sinks in. We realize life is short. Seventy, eighty, or ninety years is like a vanishing puff of smoke in the scheme of nature.

Because our time on this planet is short, and there are so many ways we could invest our time, we need to get our priorities straight. We need to think of who and what means the most to us and invest our time accordingly.

Is there something really important to you that you have been putting off? Are you waiting for some circumstance to arrive before you do what means the most to you? The time to do what is really important is NOW! What will you regret not doing when you’re 80?

The Rolling Stones perform “Time Waits For No One” in the video below.


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U.S. Navy SEALS are members of the world famous elite special warfare group trained to operate anywhere in the world, under any conditions. They are prepared to engage in every form of combat on sea, air and land.

Not surprisingly, it is difficult to become a Navy SEAL. The fourth week of rigorous training, known as Hell Week, is specifically designed to weed out prospective SEALS of questionable commitment. Hell Week is a 5 1/2 day stretch of grueling 20 plus hours days of physical training, more than 200 miles of running and just 4 hours of sleep!

It is well known, in the SEAL community, that prospective SEALS who decide, in advance, that quitting is not an option have a far higher chance of success than those who do not.

Have you decided quitting is not an option in your life; no matter how tough things get? Are you prepared to go through hell to get what you want? When we do make such a commitment, things tend to fall in place for us.

The video below shows the rigor of Navy SEALS training.

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