Nobody knows exactly how subliminal messages work on our brains. However, their impact on our thinking, and behavior, is believed to be so powerful that it is illegal for advertisers to use them in many countries. One thing is obvious. Subliminal messages concentrate our thinking on the topic of the messages. Since thoughts attract like thoughts, the Law of Attraction dictates our thought process can be gradually altered by consistent exposure to subliminal messages.

By choosing to consistently expose ourselves to empowering subliminal messages, we may use them to improve our lives. For instance, if we wish to be more prosperous, we may expose ourselves at least twice daily to subliminal messages which concentrate our thinking on prosperity. Many excellent subliminal message videos are available with the click of a mouse. We have this amazing choice available, friends. We may as well use it to help create improved lives and a better world!

Below are examples of subliminal message videos on three popular topics of attracting love, greater wealth, and improved health. Enjoy!


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A few years ago, I watched part of a very forgettable comedy movie. It was about a young woman going through tough times. Every time she encountered a problem, she’d recite an affirmation. For instance, when a date stood her up, she’d say something like, “I am very attractive. Anyone would be proud to date me…” The dubious comedy was derived from the woman’s obvious disbelief in her words. This is a major problem with affirmations. If we affirm something we doubt, we generate negative energy. This pushes our vision away from us. Which is the opposite of what we want. What can you say, instead of affirmations, to get closer to your vision? Keep in mind that your vision (whatever it is) is always something you have experienced in the past and are experiencing right now. You simply want more of it. Whether it is more love, career success, freedom, fame, money or anything else. I suggest a gratitude statement, in which you express gratitude, for your experiences of your vision in the past, present and what is coming to you. This statement is true, because you ARE grateful for your past and present experiences of your vision. You need not pretend to believe anything you doubt! For instance, if our vision is of more financial wealth, you could create a gratitude statement such as: I am grateful for the wealth I have enjoyed in the past, which enabled me to experience….(Example: good food, shelter, clothing etc.) I am grateful for the wealth I enjoy now, which enables me to experience…(Example: holidays, paying your rent or mortgage etc.) I am grateful for the even greater wealth that is coming to me, which enables me to plan for…(Example: my new home, more vacation time, greater freedom, a legacy for my family etc.) Use whatever words inspire you the most. The key is to link the greater good you wish to receive with good you have received in the past and good you are receiving right now, in a chain of gratitude. This is powerful! In the video below, a young boy express gratitude upon receiving a chopping board for a birthday present. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=576wl8j2jFM Please comment on and share this post if you find value in it. Many thanks and Happy Manifestations!

The biggest movements, whether religious, political, consumer or cult, begin with one leader. Often, the leader is viewed as an eccentric, or worse, in the early stages. The leader does something rather different than everyone else.

The first follower, as Derek Sivers notes, “turns a lone nut into a leader”. In fact, the first follower is almost as crucial, to start a movement,  as the leader him or herself. A few more followers embrace the movement and it begins to grow. Growth, as the Law of Attraction dictates, leads to more growth.

The commitment and passion of the leader, and the early followers, largely determine the success of the movement. If the passion is maintained and increased, more and more people join the movement. Passion and commitment attract more passion and commitment. People attract more people. Joining the movement becomes the “cool” thing to do. This motivates still more people to join the movement. The movement may ultimately develop the power to influence an entire nation or even the whole world. It is a dramatic example of the Law of Attraction in action.

Check out Derek Sivers’ great little TED talk on “How to Start a Movement” on the link below.

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When a company make a job offer; the offer is normally open for a set period of time. The offer is rescinded if it is not accepted within the time limit.
This makes sense. If the prospective employee does not accept the job offer on a timely basis; it indicates that he/she is not enthused about the job and perhaps inconsiderate too. Companies want enthusiastic employees, who are happy to work with them. Why work with the unwilling and unhappy?
The same is true about us in our personal lives. Why would we want unenthusiastic business partners, companions, friends, dates, lovers etc.?
When we make an offer; there are two desirable outcomes:
1. It is enthusiastically accepted
2. It is politely declined
If someone wants to think about our offer; they don’t want it that much. After all; nobody has to think about whether or not they want to pick up their lottery prize! If you really want something, you don’t need to think it over.
If our offer is not accepted with enthusiasm, we ought to rescind it. Just like companies rescind employment offers. This is an act of mercy both for us and the unenthused recipient. It frees up our time to spend with someone more enthusiastic. It frees the other party of the need to make an excuse.
We need not make a big deal out of rescinding an offer. Just say something simple such as, “I rescind my offer. It is not a good idea”.

How do you define a special occasion?

A special occasion is something to be celebrated and it doesn’t last for long. We often think of events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and celebrating achievements as special occasions.

Why not view all of life as a special occasion?

Our lives are also to be joyfully celebrated and brief. After all; 80, 90 or 100 years is a mere blink of the eye in universal terms. So let us view all of life as the celebration it is. Every joy, every achievement, every adventure, every expression of affection, every minute we spend with loved ones and friends, every disappointment and setback. And all the good we remember from the past too!

Enjoy Trooper’s “Here For A Good Time (Not A Long Time)” on the link below.

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If you could make just one change in 2015, what would it be?

To lose weight?
To adopt a healthier diet?
To earn more money?
To love yourself more?
To invest more in your career?
To improve your personal relationships?

These are all great things. However, the most crucial change we can all make, to improve our lives, is to be more grateful. There are an unlimited number of things to be grateful for. Everything from being born in the first place. To our family, friends, the functioning of our bodies, living in a democracy and on and on…The more gratitude we express; the more we find to be grateful for.

Check out the video below. The song was written by musicians Nimo Patel and Daniel Nahmod. It was inspired by the 21 Day Gratitude Challenge, in which an amazing 11,000 people participated. Let us challenge ourselves to express more gratitude, than ever before, in 2015!


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Many self help gurus urge us to make lists of our goals in different areas. For instance; our fitness goals, career goals, social goals, family goals, relationship goals. The problem with focusing on several goals is that it dilutes our concentration. Weaker concentration produces delayed results, weaker results or no satisfactory results.

We experience quicker and more powerful results when we concentrate on only one major goal at a time. Such concentration builds power. As the old adage goes; he who chases two rabbits will catch none. Rather than make a list of goals; clarify the one goal which is most crucial, right now, to manifesting the change you seek. This is the goal you need to concentrate on.

Check out the article below for some great tips on how to focus more powerfully on your vision.


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