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All you need is love. (Beatles)


Virtually everyone agrees that love makes life both possible and worthwhile. The Law of Attraction holds that love attracts more love, which is hard to debate. But what is love?

Philosophers have debated the meaning of love for centuries. To capture the spirit of love, we need to start with the understanding that love is a verb. Not a noun. It is not a thing. Nor is it only an emotion. 

The following is my simple definition of love. I believe it captures the beauty and life giving essence of love in just a few words. It covers the physical, sensual, spiritual, and intellectual dimensions of love.

It implies a deep appreciation of those we love, protecting them from harm, adding value to their lives, and nurturing them. It does not mean holding ourselves responsible for their welfare; which is impossible. 


Love is treating others in ways which increase their life energy.


If we treat others in ways which increase their life energy, we love them. If we love ourselves, which is necessary before we can love anyone else, we consistently treat ourselves this way.

What is your definition of love?

The very cute short video below called “The Language of Love” was made to raise funds for deaf children.


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As we noted, manifestation evidence is usually subtle. It whispers to us; rather than shouts. Most manifestation evidence is easy to miss if we are not tuned to it. It is best to note and express appreciation for every bit of manifestation evidence we find.

The more we note and appreciate the evidence our desire is manifesting; the more the manifestation process is strengthened. When we ignore or belittle manifestation evidence, we delay or perhaps cancel the manifestation of our desire. Do not complain about the inadequacy of manifestation evidence.

For instance, if you seek a new lover; don’t complain about the incompatibility of people you date. Express appreciation for aspects of them you like. This draws more people with these desired traits into your life.

If you find or receive a small amount of money, don’t complain about it being inadequate. Express sincere gratitude for it. This draws more of it to you.

Express gratitude for every positive “coincidence” you experience. The increasing occurrence of such “coincidences” indicates your attraction power is getting stronger and your desire is in the process of manifesting.

Other evidence your desire is manifesting includes:

* Improving relationships with the people in your life.
* Increasing friendliness from friends, acquaintances and even strangers.

* Negative people drifting away from you. 


If you’re wondering whether or not to include something as manifestation evidence in your Manifestation Diary; include it.

My next post will discuss another powerful, and seldom discussed, benefit of your Manifestation Diary. If you find value in this post, I’d appreciate it if you’d share it. Many thanks!

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Taking good care of what you already have sends a powerful message, to the universe, to create more abundance in your life. This applies on every level. For instance:

* If you want finer clothes, make sure the clothes you now own are well cleaned, pressed and altered, if necessary, to look and feel their best.

* If you want more money, make a habit of saving at least 10% of the money you earn and investing it wisely.

*If you want to get along better with your partner, praise them for all that is good about them and your relationship.

* If you want a more modern car, keep your present car well tuned and in good running order.

It is a good thing to express our appreciation for the countless good things we enjoy, with words. However, the actions of taking good care of all our blessings are physical expressions of our appreciation. Such caring actions give our words far more power to manifest our desire.

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