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In order to live the lives we want, we must start by owning our vision.

As long as we refuse to take responsibility for our lives, we give our power to other people and circumstances. No long term improvement is possible until we claim the responsibility and power ourselves.  Concentrate on owning your vision.  It does you good to celebrate every step you take on the path to taking 100% responsibility for your life and vision.

While we assume total responsibility for our lives, we must allow others to assume responsibility for theirs. We must make our own decisions. We must not let others to shift responsibility, for their lives, onto us. Nor should we try to control other people or circumstances. This is futile and exhausting. Just as we must follow our path; others must follow theirs. Others must make their own decisions. Just as we know what is best for us; others know what is best for them.

The more responsibility we take for our vision and lives; the more control we have to design our lives as we wish. The following is a sample statement of ownership of your vision:

At this date (date),   I (Your name) own my vision of  ______________________________.   I own my vision and results completely and understand they are an outer reflection of my inner world.

You may accept this vision statement or create one more to your liking.


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