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Right now, you can’t even think about a pink elephant.
Now, what is the first thing you think about? A pink elephant, of course. It is inevitable. You couldn’t escape thinking about the unlikely beast no matter how hard you tried.
What does that have to do with negative thoughts helping you? Plenty. Suppose you feel lousy and its a huge effort to even try to think anything positive. Almost everyone has days like that.
Tell yourself: “Right now, I can’t even think about…Than add the positive thought or event of your choice. Repeat it as many times as you want, with different positive thoughts and events.
For instance;
Right now, I can’t even think about how great life usually is.
Right now, I can’t even think about healthy and energetic I am.
Right now, I can’t even think about happy I often am.
Right now, I can’t even think about my amazing friends/family/spouse, lover.
Right now, I can’t even think about how my income shot way up last year.
This kind of negative thinking helps you in two ways:
1. It isolates negativity in the present moment; right now. This opens the door to more positive thoughts as quickly as the blink of an eye. After all; a moment from now is no longer “right now”. So you could feel more positive in a moment.
2. Most importantly, it focusses your mind sharply on the positive thoughts or events you say you “can’t even think about”. This attracts more of these positive thoughts and events into your life.
Try this type of negative thinking next time you are struggling with bad feelings. Bet it works!
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U.S. Navy SEALS are members of the world famous elite special warfare group trained to operate anywhere in the world, under any conditions. They are prepared to engage in every form of combat on sea, air and land.

Not surprisingly, it is difficult to become a Navy SEAL. The fourth week of rigorous training, known as Hell Week, is specifically designed to weed out prospective SEALS of questionable commitment. Hell Week is a 5 1/2 day stretch of grueling 20 plus hours days of physical training, more than 200 miles of running and just 4 hours of sleep!

It is well known, in the SEAL community, that prospective SEALS who decide, in advance, that quitting is not an option have a far higher chance of success than those who do not.

Have you decided quitting is not an option in your life; no matter how tough things get? Are you prepared to go through hell to get what you want? When we do make such a commitment, things tend to fall in place for us.

The video below shows the rigor of Navy SEALS training.

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Cooking is not my forte. When I see a recipe calling for more than about 5 ingredients, my eyes glaze over.  I get intimidated by the recipe.  I realize there is almost no chance I will buy the 8 or more ingredients needed for many recipes. I think about the fact that I seldom, if ever, use most of the ingredients in the recipe.  Than I think about where I’m going to store the remainders of the ingredients I won’t use again for a long time. I think of the ingredients growing moldy in my fridge…The realization soon hits me that I will never prepare this recipe. It just won’t happen.

On the other hand, if I see a recipe that looks good, and it has only about 4 or 5 ingredients and I have two or three of them in the house; I think, “I can do that”. I could actually prepare that recipe. It is doable. That is the feeling you need to have about your short term goals; whether they are fitness goals, career goals, financial goals, social goals or any other type of goals. Simplify them till you get the “I can do that” feeling. All human progress is simply doing what you can do till you can do more.

An example of a personal “I can do that” 4 ingredient recipe


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AC/DC sang “Its A Long Way To The Top If You Wanna Rock and Roll”. The band has always been passionate about rock and it shows. Few would claim AC/DC is one of the most talented bands in rock history, but their simple chords and adrenaline rushing style and antics have made them one of the most successful bands in rock history. Only four rock bands have sold more units than AC/DC.

It’s not only a long way to the top in rock and roll. It’s a long way to the top in everything. That is why we have to be passionate about our mission and we have to be in it for the long haul.



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Our destiny is not governed by what happened in the past.  It is not governed by the socio-economic status we were born into. It is not governed by our childhoods, teenage years etc. It is not governed by lack of education or any other presumed disadvantages. Countless people have risen above all presumed disadvantages. We all can. We are not even governed by what happened yesterday.

If you watch jets fly through the sky, you may be able to see their jet trails. The jet trails give you an indication of where the jet was recently. However jet trails give you no indication of how far the jet is flying and it’s destination.  A jet’s trail gives you no clue whether the jet will land in a few minutes or fly to the other side of the world. Predicting a person’s destiny from their past is like predicting a jet’s destination from it’s trail in the sky. Our pasts do not predict our futures.

Jets are powered by their motors. Not by their trails.  We are powered by our visions.  Not by our pasts. Our past can only hold us back if we hang on to it. If we refuse to let it go. We cling to the past when we chain ourselves to past events, for instance, by holding grudges against people who, we believe, wronged us in the past. Or by insisting we can’t rise above presumed disadvantages in our past. Once we let go of these chains, we are unfettered by the past. Everything that chains us to the past is a judgment of one form or another. We free ourselves when we release all judgments against ourselves and others.  Life occurs only on the now. If we live in the now, the past has no power over us. We can choose our destiny according to our vision.

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