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Nobody knows exactly how subliminal messages work on our brains. However, their impact on our thinking, and behavior, is believed to be so powerful that it is illegal for advertisers to use them in many countries. One thing is obvious. Subliminal messages concentrate our thinking on the topic of the messages. Since thoughts attract like thoughts, the Law of Attraction dictates our thought process can be gradually altered by consistent exposure to subliminal messages.

By choosing to consistently expose ourselves to empowering subliminal messages, we may use them to improve our lives. For instance, if we wish to be more prosperous, we may expose ourselves at least twice daily to subliminal messages which concentrate our thinking on prosperity. Many excellent subliminal message videos are available with the click of a mouse. We have this amazing choice available, friends. We may as well use it to help create improved lives and a better world!

Below are examples of subliminal message videos on three popular topics of attracting love, greater wealth, and improved health. Enjoy!


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Please watch the short video below of a recent incident of road rage in San Diego.



Like usual, both parties in this conflict thought the blame lies with the other party. However, it is clear to objective observers that both parties were primed and ready for conflict. Their energy was tuned towards confrontation, rather than cooperation. Since like attracts like, the negative energy of each party was reflected back at them by the other party. Greater conflict is the inevitable result. This is obvious to anyone familiar with the Law of Attraction.

The man, who took the video, tried to play the blameless citizen going about his business, when he was accosted by fools. It doesn’t wash. His video was running continuously and, consciously or subconsciously, he was looking for “action” to videotape. In the form of conflict. His confrontation with the other party could easily have been avoided simply by letting the other car pass. Both parties created the sad spectacle together.

The bottom line is that we experience conflict when we are tuned to conflict. We experience peace when we are tuned to peace. It is infinitely better for our health, welfare, and the world to be tuned to peace.

To end this post on a high note; the video below shows chimpanzees using cooperation for mutual benefit.


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I have a nagging suspicion that the Grim Reaper chases us down through various cunning means. One of his most insidious means is the trend towards declining quality of sleep as we get older. Studies show that sleep could have a more intimate connection to longevity that many of us realize. See the link below for more information.

I can’t cite any studies to back this up right now, but my intuition tells me that decline in quality of sleep is the root cause of many aging problems. It may bring on many of the symptoms we associate with aging. Decline in sleep quality may also reduce our immune system’s ability to keep us healthy and contribute to higher disease rates among aging people.

When we are young and in the peak of health, we take a great night’s sleep for granted. As we move into our 50s, 60s and beyond, great nights of sleep become rarer. When 20 somethings talk about lack of sleep; the theme is usually missing sleep because they were partying and/or romancing all night. Older people tend to talk about sleep more often and more seriously.

Despite the likelihood that sleep plays a substantial role in our overall healthy, we have made precious few advancements, during the past five or so decades, in improving sleep quality. Current advice on how to sleep better (emphasizing “sleep hygiene” etc.) could just as easily come from medical books written in the 1950s. Sleep research appears to lag far behind the enormous technology advances we’ve experienced during those decades.

I believe we, as a society, need to take sleep more seriously and discover ways to foster better sleep among our aging population. Better sleep equals better health. If we could maintain the youthful quality of our sleep into middle age and beyond, who knows how much healthier and longer lives we’d enjoy?





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