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Many performance experts estimate success is 80% mindset and 20% activity. This makes sense. If hard work was the most crucial component, the most successful people, in every field, would be the hardest workers. Even the most casual observation demonstrates this is not true.
Our mindset has an enormous impact on every aspect of our lives from career to love.  A positive mindset paves our way to everything we want in life, while a negative one constantly drags us down, like a millstone, around our neck.
It is often said that you can adopt a new mindset in 21 days of doing daily positive affirmations, watching subliminal videos and/or similar activities. Is this true? Let’s look at an example.
You are 35 years old and you have a common mindset that “you weren’t meant to do anything big?”. Or your mindset could be “you’re basically a timid person”. Or some other limiting mindset. You know it isn’t compatible with the career and life you want.  You want to get a new one.
Score one for you. You awareness puts you well ahead of the majority, who never question their limiting mindset. But, can you replace it with a more positive one in just 21 days?
Not likely. The unwanted mindset has had 35 years to take deep root in both your conscious and subconscious  It has built fast, efficient neural pathways throughout your nervous system. It has become your automatic thought pattern. It is part of you.
Your mindset has also shaped your world. There is something called confirmation bias, which causes us to notice and attract people, information and experiences into our lives, which confirm our biases. Not only do your thoughts reflect the unwanted mindset. Your environment reflects it too.
This means you tend to read books, watch movies, listen to conversations, vote for politicians, belong to unions, have friends etc. who reflect your present mindset. Generally, your whole world confirms and reinforces it. It will not go away easily. To believe you can completely replace it in just 21 days is setting yourself up for disappointment and frustration.
You Need a Scorched Earth Policy
If we are serious about adopting a new mindset, we need to adopt a scorched earth policy towards everything that fights against it. This means making changes in what we read and expose ourself to, how we spend our time and, above all, the people we hang out with.
Nothing has a stronger influence on a person than the people they spend the most time with. As Jim Rohn famously noted;“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” We can’t succeed in changing an unwanted mindset as long as we surround ourselves with people who reflect it.
Hanging out consistently with the wrong people drags us down, and makes it impossible to adopt an improved mindset. Hanging out with the right people will do much of the heavy lifting of adopting your desired mindset. Such people make positive change natural and almost effortless. So we need to be choosy about what we accept in our lives and even choosier about who we spend time with. This means ending or reducing relationships with people with unwanted mindsets.
It Takes Real Sustained Effort to Change Your Mindset
Truthfully, it could take two or three years of sustained effort to fully adopt a new mindset. Beginning to adopt a new mindset is like crawling on a dirt road versus zipping along on the fast, smooth superhighway of your old mindset.
You should expect slow progress, as your new mindset takes root. Most of your early victories will be small. Barely perceptible, in fact. Your  early changes whisper to you. They don’t shout. For instance, you find yourself thinking just a little more confidently than you used to. You find yourself being a little more proactive, without thinking about it. You find yourself seeking challenges you used to avoid.
Slowly your new mindset begins to compete with the old unwanted mindset. It scores a few victories here and there. You cheer it on. This inspires you to increase your efforts and determination. Change come in stages; bit by bit. Celebrate each small and large victory along the way! Of course, there is never a final destination, but the journey is much more fulfilling in every way!
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Right now, you can’t even think about a pink elephant.
Now, what is the first thing you think about? A pink elephant, of course. It is inevitable. You couldn’t escape thinking about the unlikely beast no matter how hard you tried.
What does that have to do with negative thoughts helping you? Plenty. Suppose you feel lousy and its a huge effort to even try to think anything positive. Almost everyone has days like that.
Tell yourself: “Right now, I can’t even think about…Than add the positive thought or event of your choice. Repeat it as many times as you want, with different positive thoughts and events.
For instance;
Right now, I can’t even think about how great life usually is.
Right now, I can’t even think about healthy and energetic I am.
Right now, I can’t even think about happy I often am.
Right now, I can’t even think about my amazing friends/family/spouse, lover.
Right now, I can’t even think about how my income shot way up last year.
This kind of negative thinking helps you in two ways:
1. It isolates negativity in the present moment; right now. This opens the door to more positive thoughts as quickly as the blink of an eye. After all; a moment from now is no longer “right now”. So you could feel more positive in a moment.
2. Most importantly, it focusses your mind sharply on the positive thoughts or events you say you “can’t even think about”. This attracts more of these positive thoughts and events into your life.
Try this type of negative thinking next time you are struggling with bad feelings. Bet it works!
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A few years ago, I watched part of a very forgettable comedy movie. It was about a young woman going through tough times. Every time she encountered a problem, she’d recite an affirmation. For instance, when a date stood her up, she’d say something like, “I am very attractive. Anyone would be proud to date me…” The dubious comedy was derived from the woman’s obvious disbelief in her words. This is a major problem with affirmations. If we affirm something we doubt, we generate negative energy. This pushes our vision away from us. Which is the opposite of what we want. What can you say, instead of affirmations, to get closer to your vision? Keep in mind that your vision (whatever it is) is always something you have experienced in the past and are experiencing right now. You simply want more of it. Whether it is more love, career success, freedom, fame, money or anything else. I suggest a gratitude statement, in which you express gratitude, for your experiences of your vision in the past, present and what is coming to you. This statement is true, because you ARE grateful for your past and present experiences of your vision. You need not pretend to believe anything you doubt! For instance, if our vision is of more financial wealth, you could create a gratitude statement such as: I am grateful for the wealth I have enjoyed in the past, which enabled me to experience….(Example: good food, shelter, clothing etc.) I am grateful for the wealth I enjoy now, which enables me to experience…(Example: holidays, paying your rent or mortgage etc.) I am grateful for the even greater wealth that is coming to me, which enables me to plan for…(Example: my new home, more vacation time, greater freedom, a legacy for my family etc.) Use whatever words inspire you the most. The key is to link the greater good you wish to receive with good you have received in the past and good you are receiving right now, in a chain of gratitude. This is powerful! In the video below, a young boy express gratitude upon receiving a chopping board for a birthday present. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=576wl8j2jFM Please comment on and share this post if you find value in it. Many thanks and Happy Manifestations!

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In this internet age, nothing is more easily available than facts. We can access practically any fact, we could ever want, with the click of a mouse. However, facts are only a small and minor part of learning. It is infinitely more important to learn to create the world we wish to live in and pass down to our children. I wish more children, around the world, went to schools like the awesome one in India. Just imagine what our world would be if this type of education was standard. Check it out in the video below.

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The musical collaboration, between pop queen Lady Gaga and crooner Tony Bennett, is surprising for a few reasons. They are from different genres, generations and appeal to quite different audiences. They are an unlikely and unconventional pair, but they make beautiful music together.

Amazing things can happen when we throw away preconceived ideas, stereotypes and embrace the unlimited possibilities before us. Let us ask ourselves:

What preconceived ideas or stereotypes may be holding us back?

Who could we collaborate with, for mutual benefit, that might be viewed as a strange choice?

Can we use our differences from others as assets?

Click the link below to listen to some of their beautiful music.

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Doc Fred interviews me about my book “Intimate Modeling: Your FUN 7 Week Course to Create the Life You Want”, on his Visions of Success Radio Show. You can listen to it on the link below. Hope you enjoy it!

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Download these amazing, inspirational Mind Movies and use them whenever you want.  There are short movies for money, health, attract a woman, attract a man, spirituality, family and friends. I hope you like them. Feel free to share your feelings about them with me. All the best to you!


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