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Many self help gurus urge us to make lists of our goals in different areas. For instance; our fitness goals, career goals, social goals, family goals, relationship goals. The problem with focusing on several goals is that it dilutes our concentration. Weaker concentration produces delayed results, weaker results or no satisfactory results.

We experience quicker and more powerful results when we concentrate on only one major goal at a time. Such concentration builds power. As the old adage goes; he who chases two rabbits will catch none. Rather than make a list of goals; clarify the one goal which is most crucial, right now, to manifesting the change you seek. This is the goal you need to concentrate on.

Check out the article below for some great tips on how to focus more powerfully on your vision.


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In this internet age, nothing is more easily available than facts. We can access practically any fact, we could ever want, with the click of a mouse. However, facts are only a small and minor part of learning. It is infinitely more important to learn to create the world we wish to live in and pass down to our children. I wish more children, around the world, went to schools like the awesome one in India. Just imagine what our world would be if this type of education was standard. Check it out in the video below.

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Perhaps you quit or were downsized out of a job. Maybe your firm was bought out. Your contract may have ended and you don’t have a new one yet. You may have received a golden (or not so golden) handshake. There are many reasons you may find yourself between jobs or contracts.
Today private and public employers seek alternatives to full time employees. It is not hard to understand this trend. We live in a fast changing world. Temporary and contract workers give employers more flexibility to adjust to fluctuating human resources needs. It frees them from the considerable long term responsibility of employing permanent full time employees.
Depending on your circumstances, you may welcome some time off. Or not. In either case, it’s a good idea to make the best use of your time between jobs or contracts. Here are 10 things you can do to boost your career during your hiatus.
1. Make A Habit of Self Love
“If we really love ourselves, everything in our lives works”. (Louise Hay)
Some of you may be thinking, “What’s with this airy fairy stuff?”. I have no hesitation about putting self love at the top of the list. Your relationship with yourself is the only guaranteed 24/7 lifelong relationship. Your self love is your most crucial asset. The strength of our self love largely determines our satisfaction in life. We can never love ourselves too much. Don’t sacrifice it for anyone or anything. Associate with those who increase your self love and shun those who reduce it.
We must not let our self love ride on the vagaries of the job market, or any other market for that matter. You need to know, deep inside, that you are a great guy or gal whether rich or poor, employed or unemployed, thriving or struggling…
Self help guru Louise Hay advises us to to tell yourself how much you love you at least 300 to 400 times daily. Make it your mantra, she urges. Hay notes she has personally seen hundreds of people transform their lives with this simple but powerful habit.
Hay’s advice may sound extreme and impractical. It isn’t. Think of the thousands of negative thoughts we typical;ly think each day, without being aware of them. I suggest you dedicate 10 minutes in the morning, upon awaking, and 10 minutes before bed, to telling yourself you love or appreciate yourself. With passion!
Make a habit of it; just as many people make a habit of exercising regularly. There are few better ways to use your time and building your self love. Look for other ways to express your self love too. Ask yourself this simple but powerful question: How would I act if I loved myself 10% more? What about 20% more?
2. Refocus On Your Big Vision
Have you lost sight of your Big Vision in your career? Has it changed? Your hiatus is an excellent opportunity to refocus on it. Ask yourself questions like:
What is your Big Vision?
Are you passionate about it? If not, what vision DOES make you passionate?
Where do you want to be in five years?
What is distracting you?
How can you eliminate or reduce distractions?
Build the habit of refocusing on your Big Vision regularly.
3. Update Your Resume or Promotional Material
Your resume or promotional material can never be too strong. Update it regularly.
Add new experiences, accomplishments, skills, references and qualifications.
Make it look more contemporary, appealing and stand out positively from those of your competitors.
Proofread it repeatedly. Have others, who know you, proofread it. They may catch errors and omissions you miss.
Have it checked by one or more authorities in your field. They may have helpful suggestions to offer you.
4. Get A Mentor. See A Good Headhunter. Or both
It is hard to overstate the value of a good mentor. When people achieve quickly, in almost any field, it is largely due to mentoring from someone more experiences. Approach people in your field, that you admire, and respectfully ask them to by your mentor. Offer them something valuable in return. Make it win/win for both of you.
A good headhunter, specializing in your field, can also offer you much insight into career opportunities. You can only benefit from the expertise of such people.
5. Audit Your References
Your references may have said wonderful things about you two years ago. That doesn’t mean they are still saying such things. They may have lost their enthusiasm they once had when recommending you. You need to keep on top of your references.
Maintain mutually beneficial relationships with your references. Every relationship, business and personal, must be give and take to thrive. Help them out with referrals which benefit them too.
I suggest you have a friend, who owns their own business (and who is not known by your references) call them; pose as a potential employer or client, and ask their opinion of you. They can report to you what was said.
You may tactfully ask your references to be a little more enthusiastic in recommending you. If your references are lukewarm, you’d be wise to replace them with references who sing your praises more highly.
6. Send Surveys to Former Employers Or Clients
There are many good reasons to send surveys to former employers or clients, provided you parted on good terms. It shows you truly care about delivering value. It could help you obtain more work from past employers or clients and/or referrals to new ones. It also helps you offer services which better match your prospective employers’ and clients’ needs.
 Make the survey brief and to the point. Ask for input as to how you can better help them. You could also ask them if they know of other firms or departments which could benefit from your services. Thank everyone who responds to your survey.
7. Get Your Finances In Order
Now is a good time for a complete financial check up. Seek the help of a competent professional in this area.
Do you have adequate savings to cover emergencies?
Do Your investments meet your life goals? Is their risk level appropriate for your personality and present life situation? For instance, if you are planning to retire, you may want to reduce your financial risk and maximize security.
Are you on track to meet your financial goals?
Find and plug your financial leaks. Are you paying unnecessary interest and/or other expenses?
8. Break Free From What Drags You Down
Deep inside you likely know certain thoughts and people drag you down. They make you feel less capable, less powerful, less alive. They can drag down everything from your health to your career. You need to break free from them. This may not be easy. Aim to minimize your time invested in negative thoughts and people. Maximize your time with positive influences.
One suggestion many find helpful is to use positive procrastination to weaken unwanted habits. Put off indulging in what drags you down. Invest time in people and thoughts which build you up instead.
9. Network
The best time to build your network is before you need it. As the proverb goes: “Drill your well before you are thirsty”. Hopefully, you have been building up your network of contacts. If not; better late than never.
Make time to attend relevant networking events, in your area. Build the habit of networking everywhere. You never know who you might meet and how much you may be able to help each other.
The overall key to good networking is; be genuine. Here are three more tips:
* Join groups you are keenly interested in and become active in them. Don’t join groups simpl;y for the sake of meeting people.
* Be genuinely interested in the people you meet. Talk about what interests them.
* It is not about handing out lots of business cards. Its about collecting lots of business cards. You need to be able to contact people you meet. Rather than waiting to hear from them.
10.  Volunteer
By volunteering, you help others and you can also benefit greatly from the experience. Choose to volunteer where you can develop and hone desired skills and where you can forge valuable connections.
Volunteering also helps you:
* Check out a new occupation, industry or skill
* Build your credentials and confidence
* Garner valuable references and referrals

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The musical collaboration, between pop queen Lady Gaga and crooner Tony Bennett, is surprising for a few reasons. They are from different genres, generations and appeal to quite different audiences. They are an unlikely and unconventional pair, but they make beautiful music together.

Amazing things can happen when we throw away preconceived ideas, stereotypes and embrace the unlimited possibilities before us. Let us ask ourselves:

What preconceived ideas or stereotypes may be holding us back?

Who could we collaborate with, for mutual benefit, that might be viewed as a strange choice?

Can we use our differences from others as assets?

Click the link below to listen to some of their beautiful music.

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Please watch the short video below of a recent incident of road rage in San Diego.



Like usual, both parties in this conflict thought the blame lies with the other party. However, it is clear to objective observers that both parties were primed and ready for conflict. Their energy was tuned towards confrontation, rather than cooperation. Since like attracts like, the negative energy of each party was reflected back at them by the other party. Greater conflict is the inevitable result. This is obvious to anyone familiar with the Law of Attraction.

The man, who took the video, tried to play the blameless citizen going about his business, when he was accosted by fools. It doesn’t wash. His video was running continuously and, consciously or subconsciously, he was looking for “action” to videotape. In the form of conflict. His confrontation with the other party could easily have been avoided simply by letting the other car pass. Both parties created the sad spectacle together.

The bottom line is that we experience conflict when we are tuned to conflict. We experience peace when we are tuned to peace. It is infinitely better for our health, welfare, and the world to be tuned to peace.

To end this post on a high note; the video below shows chimpanzees using cooperation for mutual benefit.


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All you need is love. (Beatles)


Virtually everyone agrees that love makes life both possible and worthwhile. The Law of Attraction holds that love attracts more love, which is hard to debate. But what is love?

Philosophers have debated the meaning of love for centuries. To capture the spirit of love, we need to start with the understanding that love is a verb. Not a noun. It is not a thing. Nor is it only an emotion. 

The following is my simple definition of love. I believe it captures the beauty and life giving essence of love in just a few words. It covers the physical, sensual, spiritual, and intellectual dimensions of love.

It implies a deep appreciation of those we love, protecting them from harm, adding value to their lives, and nurturing them. It does not mean holding ourselves responsible for their welfare; which is impossible. 


Love is treating others in ways which increase their life energy.


If we treat others in ways which increase their life energy, we love them. If we love ourselves, which is necessary before we can love anyone else, we consistently treat ourselves this way.

What is your definition of love?

The very cute short video below called “The Language of Love” was made to raise funds for deaf children.


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It is important to realize, both logically and emotionally, that you don’t have to laboriously search for your desire and drag it, kicking and screaming, into your life. Your pursuit of your desire is a two way street. 

For example:

If you want a new home; there are homeowners who’d like to sell their home to you; and real estate agents who’d like to make the deal happen.

If you want a new job: there are companies who are willing to pay you to use your skills and ambitions to help them.

If you want a new lover; there are plenty of compatible people who want someone like you as their new lover.

If you want to entertain people, there are many people who want to forget about their problems for a while and be entertained by you.

Every good thing that you desire in life is attracted to you just as strongly as you are attracted to it.




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