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Play is not only for children. Pity that so many feel that play is not a valid way for adults to learn. Learning is supposed to be serious stuff for adults.  The general feeling is that adults must be bored in order to learn anything.  Yet often, the best way to learn is to enjoy playing at what you’re learning.

Traditionally, children dress up and play constantly. They dress up and play at various roles such as fire fighter, doctor, super hero etc. Educators recognize children learn a tremendous amount from such play. Yet when a child reaches a certain age, they’re supposed to stop it.  Society tells them it’s not a grown up thing to do.

Our society doesn’t particularly respect dressing up and playing by adults, except perhaps as a hobby (such as amateur theater). However, we pay fortunes to people, in Hollywood and elsewhere, who are skilled at doing just that. We are never too old to dress up and play at new roles that appeal to us. There is no age when it stops being fun and a learning experience.


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