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When we start to plan our holiday, we enjoy theoretically unlimited possibilities.  We could go anywhere in the world and do anything.  We begin to create our holiday by narrowing down our possibilities according to our choices such as:

  • How much money will we invest in our holiday?
  • What is our destination or destinations?
  • How much time will we take for our holiday?
  • What is our means of transportation?
  • Where are we going to stay?
  • What do we wish to do?
  • Who will be our travel companion(s), if anyone?

We also imbue our holiday with emotions such as:

  • This is really going to be fun.
  • I feel like going wild on this holiday.
  • I feel doubtful about X. This trip is make it or break it for our relationship.
  • I feel stressed. I  need to relax.
  • I feel sad X isn’t coming on this trip with me.
  • I feel restless and bored. Why doesn’t X ever want to go anywhere else?

Our holiday is manifested according to our choices, thoughts and emotions we bring to the experience. The same is true of our career, business, marital, family, romantic and financial experiences. We begin with theoretically unlimited potential.  Our experiences are manifested according to the emotions and thoughts we choose.


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