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Nobody knows exactly how subliminal messages work on our brains. However, their impact on our thinking, and behavior, is believed to be so powerful that it is illegal for advertisers to use them in many countries. One thing is obvious. Subliminal messages concentrate our thinking on the topic of the messages. Since thoughts attract like thoughts, the Law of Attraction dictates our thought process can be gradually altered by consistent exposure to subliminal messages.

By choosing to consistently expose ourselves to empowering subliminal messages, we may use them to improve our lives. For instance, if we wish to be more prosperous, we may expose ourselves at least twice daily to subliminal messages which concentrate our thinking on prosperity. Many excellent subliminal message videos are available with the click of a mouse. We have this amazing choice available, friends. We may as well use it to help create improved lives and a better world!

Below are examples of subliminal message videos on three popular topics of attracting love, greater wealth, and improved health. Enjoy!


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Self confidence is a good thing. But nobody feels confident all the time. For example, we may not feel confident when we find ourselves in unfamiliar situations and developing new skills. If we are fully alive, we often find ourselves in uncharted territory. So there will certainly be times when we don’t feel confident.

When we do something new to us, we need to be bad before we can get good. Similarly, we may not start out feeling confident in situations new to us. We need to feel not confident before we feel confident. Self love is more crucial than self confidence. We need to realize that we can get through whatever we confront whether or not we feel confident.

Loving ourselves does not depend on us feeling confident, any more than it depends on us feeling good, rich, powerful, attractive or competent. We don’t love our partners, relatives and friends because they are perfect. We love them because we love them. We need to do the same for ourselves. We need self love more than self confidence.

Jess Ainscough presents her 5 Tips for Cultivating Self Love in the video below.


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All you need is love. (Beatles)


Virtually everyone agrees that love makes life both possible and worthwhile. The Law of Attraction holds that love attracts more love, which is hard to debate. But what is love?

Philosophers have debated the meaning of love for centuries. To capture the spirit of love, we need to start with the understanding that love is a verb. Not a noun. It is not a thing. Nor is it only an emotion. 

The following is my simple definition of love. I believe it captures the beauty and life giving essence of love in just a few words. It covers the physical, sensual, spiritual, and intellectual dimensions of love.

It implies a deep appreciation of those we love, protecting them from harm, adding value to their lives, and nurturing them. It does not mean holding ourselves responsible for their welfare; which is impossible. 


Love is treating others in ways which increase their life energy.


If we treat others in ways which increase their life energy, we love them. If we love ourselves, which is necessary before we can love anyone else, we consistently treat ourselves this way.

What is your definition of love?

The very cute short video below called “The Language of Love” was made to raise funds for deaf children.


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Many studies show that people who are generally happy are usually healthier and may even live longer than their less joyful peers. There is a strong link between our persistent emotional state and our overall well being. It’s also much more fun being in a naturally high emotional state. Both for us and the people around us.

Can we choose our emotional states like items from a menu? To a large extent, we can. We may do this by pretending we are already experiencing our desired emotional state.

To see this principle in action, I recommend you attend at least one laughter yoga session. Laughter yoga has little to do with yoga. There are no classical yoga positions such as downward dog in laughter yoga.

Basically, laughter yoga is playing out excuses to laugh and laughing. For instance, in one common exercise, participants pretend to make a milkshake and go around the room spraying everyone with their imaginary milkshake, while laughing. Sessions generally last for about an hour. Many regular laughter yoga participants report more laughter throughout the day, improved sleeping and other benefits.

The most empowering thing about laughter yoga is that it demonstrates how readily we can summon the emotions we want. In laughter yoga, participants begin by faking laughter. However, as the session progresses, the laughter soon becomes real and often very loud and hearty.

We can summon other emotions we wish to experience too. For example;

Want to feel more energetic? 

Act as if you are already feeling very energetic.

Want to feel more in love?

Act as if you are already deeply in love.

Want to feel more sexually aroused?

Act as if you are already very sexually aroused.

Want to feel more abundant?

Act as if you already feel very abundant.

Start off by faking the emotion you want to experience. It will probably not take long till you increasingly DO experience the emotion you fake.


In the video below, the inimitable John Cleese explains the benefits of laughter yoga.

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The universe will not cooperate in a cover up.  (Arthur C. Clarke)


Suppose you took a large rock and laboriously carved it into the shape of a balloon. You paint it bright red and pump helium into it as best you can.  Next you throw the “balloon” into the air. Would you fool the Law of Gravity? Would the fake balloon float away? Or would it fall to the earth like the rock it is?

Suppose you affirmed, “I really, really, really want this to be a balloon. Look how hard I’ve worked to make it a balloon. I painted it bright red just like a balloon.  Isn’t red a great color for a balloon?  Doesn’t it look like a balloon?  I even tied a string to it just like a balloon.”

Of course, the Law of Gravity would not be fooled.  You can’t fool any natural law. That includes the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction brings us more of what we are. Not more of what we want.  If we are abundant in spirit, we get more abundance. If our spirit is love, we get more love. If we are healthy in spirit, we get more health. If we are friendly in spirit, we get more friends.

However, if we want abundance, but our spirit is of scarcity, we draw more scarcity into our lives. If we want love, but our spirit is needy, we attract loneliness or others who are needy. If we want good health, but our spirit is dominated by lack of health, we attract more poor health. If we want friends, but our spirit is manipulative, we draw other manipulative people into our lives.

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For our purposes, “concentration” has a slightly different meaning than the usual one. When we speak of “concentrating” on something; we don’t mean forcing ourselves to think about it or staring at it intently. We mean becoming fascinated, obsessed with and/or love the subject of our concentration. A good analogy is the passionate feelings new lovers have for each other. They typically concentrate on each other, in a pleasurable relaxed way. This is an excellent model for how to concentrate on your desire.

Concentration can also be negative. Negative concentration involves doubting our desires will be manifested, a worrying fascination or obsession with something we don’t want in our lives etc. You can tell whether your concentration is positive or negative by how you feel. If you feel good about your concentration, your concentration is positive. If you do not feel good about it, you are concentrating on what you don’t want.  Negative feelings are a strong sign you need to change your concentration from what you don’t want to what you want.  Feelings such as relaxation, excitement and happiness reveal you are in a good state of concentration, which draws your desire into your life.

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Download these amazing, inspirational Mind Movies and use them whenever you want.  There are short movies for money, health, attract a woman, attract a man, spirituality, family and friends. I hope you like them. Feel free to share your feelings about them with me. All the best to you!


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