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Right now, you can’t even think about a pink elephant.
Now, what is the first thing you think about? A pink elephant, of course. It is inevitable. You couldn’t escape thinking about the unlikely beast no matter how hard you tried.
What does that have to do with negative thoughts helping you? Plenty. Suppose you feel lousy and its a huge effort to even try to think anything positive. Almost everyone has days like that.
Tell yourself: “Right now, I can’t even think about…Than add the positive thought or event of your choice. Repeat it as many times as you want, with different positive thoughts and events.
For instance;
Right now, I can’t even think about how great life usually is.
Right now, I can’t even think about healthy and energetic I am.
Right now, I can’t even think about happy I often am.
Right now, I can’t even think about my amazing friends/family/spouse, lover.
Right now, I can’t even think about how my income shot way up last year.
This kind of negative thinking helps you in two ways:
1. It isolates negativity in the present moment; right now. This opens the door to more positive thoughts as quickly as the blink of an eye. After all; a moment from now is no longer “right now”. So you could feel more positive in a moment.
2. Most importantly, it focusses your mind sharply on the positive thoughts or events you say you “can’t even think about”. This attracts more of these positive thoughts and events into your life.
Try this type of negative thinking next time you are struggling with bad feelings. Bet it works!
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To make space for our desire, we need to get rid of anything that stands in the way of it being manifested in our experience. We must get rid of the unwanted to get the wanted. And get rid of the “good” to get what we truly desire. We must create a vacuum for our desire to fill. Nature abhors a vacuum and quickly fills it up.

For instance:

If we socialize with “frenemies” we can barely tolerate, we must push them away, or let them drift away, to create a vacuum for the friends we really desire.

If we are with a steady lover we know is not right for us; we must get them out of the picture to create a vacuum to be filled by the lover we truly want.

In order to become an attraction match for your desire and to allow it into your life, you must create plenty of space for it: physical space, time space, financial space and emotional space etc.

For instance, if your desire is to attract a suitable lover or spouse, you can create physical space by having a bed which is comfortable and large enough for the two of you, adequate closet space, room for them to park their car etc. Make such space even if you don’t plan to live with your lover in your present home, or at all.

Your lover will visit you at home and likely stay overnight. If you are prepared to receive them, you greatly increase your attraction power to have them appear.  Beyond making physical space for them, you also need to make time space for them in your schedule to spend with them.  Make financial space to do things with them. Make emotional space to love them.

Making space for a new lover or spouse could involve ending or reducing relationships which take up space required to allow your desired new lover or spouse into your life. For instance, if you regularly see one or more romantic partners who don’t offer you the relationship you seek, you won’t have the time and space for the partner you desire. To allow space for your desired lover, you need to reduce or eliminate competing relationships. That doesn’t mean to stop dating. In fact, your desired lover could be among people you already know. However, it is necessary to honestly assess the value of your relationships and end or reduce those which take up space and time you need for the relationship you truly desire.

Don’t wait for the right lover or prospective spouse to appear before making space for them. If you lack sufficient space for them, they won’t appear. If you don’t make time and space for a full time love relationship, you may be a better attraction match for those seeking part time lovers. So it would not be surprising if part time lovers appear in your life.

If you desire a suitable new job or business opportunity, you need to allow time and space for it to enter your life. For instance, a new job or business opportunity requires time space. You have to allot necessary time for it in your schedule. You also have to allot it monetary space, in the form of investment capital. In the case of a business, it may be necessary to line up a source of investment capital. For a job, you may have to allot time for learning new skills to qualify for it etc. If you desire a new car, make physical space in your garage or driveway to park it.

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Creative visualization is a phrase many find intimidating. However, its meaning is simple. Creative visualization is simply guided daydreaming.

People vary in the ease and clarity of their visualizations.  For some people, visualization come easily and with great clarity. Some direct their visualizations like a director directs a movie script. Their visualizations may feature background music and other enhancements. For others, visualizations take considerable practice.

You may want to start creative visualization by holding small common items in your hand such as a watch, pen, pieces of fruit etc. Take several deep breaths and relax.  Look at the object for a few seconds. Than close your eyes and visualize it. Take several deep breaths, relax and visualize it

Every desire we have involves abundance, in one form or another. When people think of “abundance”, the first thing that comes to mind is often money, tangible assets like homes, property, gold, silver, diamonds etc. However, we seek abundance in everything that is good in life. Health, youthfulness, love, affection, sex, success, friends, followers, clients, energy, customers, suppliers, courage, compassion, vitality etc… are all forms of abundance that we desire.

 As you make a habit of creative visualization, you will find your visualizations becoming increasingly detailed, clear, authentic and powerful. This is the Law of Attraction working for you. When you visualize something, you concentrate on it. When you concentrate on it; the Law of Attraction brings more and more of it into your experience.

As your desire comes closer to manifestation, your visualizations feel increasingly natural.  You know you are close to manifesting your desires when manifestation feels like the next natural step in the creative process.

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Our thoughts become manifested in our experience as an acorn, under favorable conditions, eventually manifests as a large tree.  Manifestation does not create things out of nothing. Manifestation simply releases existing potential inside us. This is true of all our desires. We already have the potential to fulfill them. If we didn’t have the potential to fulfill them, we wouldn’t have the desire in the first place. We may have idle wishes we can’t fulfill, such as the wish to win a major lottery prize, but not true desires.

The clarity of our thoughts determines what is manifested in our lives. Strong clear thoughts are relatively quickly and powerfully manifested in matching results. Weak and confused thoughts manifest dubious results. We can’t expect otherwise. Just as we can’t expect to bake a delicious cake if we use rancid butter, sour milk and stale flour. Similarly, the quality of what we manifest depends on the ingredients we use. Our manifestation ingredients are our thoughts and emotions.

An analogy could be a person looking at a travel brochure, while deciding where they’d like to go for a holiday. As they view various destinations, they examine potential… They could visit any destination in the brochure or many others, not shown in the brochure. All of these are potential destinations.

At some point, the person will decide which destination they want to visit.  Their decision will be based on factors such as how much they want to invest in the holiday, which activities and amenities they prefer etc. Their holiday experience will be a manifestation of all the thoughts and decisions which lead to it; and all the thoughts and decisions during their holiday. The manifestation of their holiday is a release of the potential.

The same is true of all our experiences, such as our employment, business, marital, family, relationship, dating, romantic, financial experiences etc.

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If you are really passionate about something; it will manifest in your life. Passion is far more powerful than willpower. Passion is also far more enjoyable. It is crucial to find out what you’re genuinely passionate about and align with it. When you’re passionate about something; you don’t have to force yourself to do it. You very much want to do it. There is no such thing as drudgery when you’re doing something you’re passionate about. There are no “long hard hours of work” when you’re passionate about what you’re doing. When you’re passionate enough about something; you and the universe find ways to manifest it in your experience.

True passion can overcome virtually any obstacle in your path from lack of education, using poor methods, lack of wealth, influence, lack of native intelligence…The more passion you bring to your desire; the less willpower you’ll need. More passion equals more joy, more success and more good in general.

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