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Many performance experts estimate success is 80% mindset and 20% activity. This makes sense. If hard work was the most crucial component, the most successful people, in every field, would be the hardest workers. Even the most casual observation demonstrates this is not true.
Our mindset has an enormous impact on every aspect of our lives from career to love.  A positive mindset paves our way to everything we want in life, while a negative one constantly drags us down, like a millstone, around our neck.
It is often said that you can adopt a new mindset in 21 days of doing daily positive affirmations, watching subliminal videos and/or similar activities. Is this true? Let’s look at an example.
You are 35 years old and you have a common mindset that “you weren’t meant to do anything big?”. Or your mindset could be “you’re basically a timid person”. Or some other limiting mindset. You know it isn’t compatible with the career and life you want.  You want to get a new one.
Score one for you. You awareness puts you well ahead of the majority, who never question their limiting mindset. But, can you replace it with a more positive one in just 21 days?
Not likely. The unwanted mindset has had 35 years to take deep root in both your conscious and subconscious  It has built fast, efficient neural pathways throughout your nervous system. It has become your automatic thought pattern. It is part of you.
Your mindset has also shaped your world. There is something called confirmation bias, which causes us to notice and attract people, information and experiences into our lives, which confirm our biases. Not only do your thoughts reflect the unwanted mindset. Your environment reflects it too.
This means you tend to read books, watch movies, listen to conversations, vote for politicians, belong to unions, have friends etc. who reflect your present mindset. Generally, your whole world confirms and reinforces it. It will not go away easily. To believe you can completely replace it in just 21 days is setting yourself up for disappointment and frustration.
You Need a Scorched Earth Policy
If we are serious about adopting a new mindset, we need to adopt a scorched earth policy towards everything that fights against it. This means making changes in what we read and expose ourself to, how we spend our time and, above all, the people we hang out with.
Nothing has a stronger influence on a person than the people they spend the most time with. As Jim Rohn famously noted;“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” We can’t succeed in changing an unwanted mindset as long as we surround ourselves with people who reflect it.
Hanging out consistently with the wrong people drags us down, and makes it impossible to adopt an improved mindset. Hanging out with the right people will do much of the heavy lifting of adopting your desired mindset. Such people make positive change natural and almost effortless. So we need to be choosy about what we accept in our lives and even choosier about who we spend time with. This means ending or reducing relationships with people with unwanted mindsets.
It Takes Real Sustained Effort to Change Your Mindset
Truthfully, it could take two or three years of sustained effort to fully adopt a new mindset. Beginning to adopt a new mindset is like crawling on a dirt road versus zipping along on the fast, smooth superhighway of your old mindset.
You should expect slow progress, as your new mindset takes root. Most of your early victories will be small. Barely perceptible, in fact. Your  early changes whisper to you. They don’t shout. For instance, you find yourself thinking just a little more confidently than you used to. You find yourself being a little more proactive, without thinking about it. You find yourself seeking challenges you used to avoid.
Slowly your new mindset begins to compete with the old unwanted mindset. It scores a few victories here and there. You cheer it on. This inspires you to increase your efforts and determination. Change come in stages; bit by bit. Celebrate each small and large victory along the way! Of course, there is never a final destination, but the journey is much more fulfilling in every way!
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Many self help gurus urge us to make lists of our goals in different areas. For instance; our fitness goals, career goals, social goals, family goals, relationship goals. The problem with focusing on several goals is that it dilutes our concentration. Weaker concentration produces delayed results, weaker results or no satisfactory results.

We experience quicker and more powerful results when we concentrate on only one major goal at a time. Such concentration builds power. As the old adage goes; he who chases two rabbits will catch none. Rather than make a list of goals; clarify the one goal which is most crucial, right now, to manifesting the change you seek. This is the goal you need to concentrate on.

Check out the article below for some great tips on how to focus more powerfully on your vision.


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As we noted, manifestation evidence is usually subtle. It whispers to us; rather than shouts. Most manifestation evidence is easy to miss if we are not tuned to it. It is best to note and express appreciation for every bit of manifestation evidence we find.

The more we note and appreciate the evidence our desire is manifesting; the more the manifestation process is strengthened. When we ignore or belittle manifestation evidence, we delay or perhaps cancel the manifestation of our desire. Do not complain about the inadequacy of manifestation evidence.

For instance, if you seek a new lover; don’t complain about the incompatibility of people you date. Express appreciation for aspects of them you like. This draws more people with these desired traits into your life.

If you find or receive a small amount of money, don’t complain about it being inadequate. Express sincere gratitude for it. This draws more of it to you.

Express gratitude for every positive “coincidence” you experience. The increasing occurrence of such “coincidences” indicates your attraction power is getting stronger and your desire is in the process of manifesting.

Other evidence your desire is manifesting includes:

* Improving relationships with the people in your life.
* Increasing friendliness from friends, acquaintances and even strangers.

* Negative people drifting away from you. 


If you’re wondering whether or not to include something as manifestation evidence in your Manifestation Diary; include it.

My next post will discuss another powerful, and seldom discussed, benefit of your Manifestation Diary. If you find value in this post, I’d appreciate it if you’d share it. Many thanks!

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In the previous post on your manifestation diary, we noted the importance of capturing as much evidence as you can that your desire is in the process of manifesting.The more evidence you capture; the more powerful the manifestation process becomes. What counts as evidence your desire is manifesting?

We’ll use the question and answer format to clarify this key point in working with the Law of Attraction.

Q: If you read about and/or do online research on your desire; does that count as manifestation evidence?

A: Yes. To cite a legal example. Suppose a defendant is accused of poisoning a victim. It is discovered the defendant read books about and did online research about various poisons and their effects. Would that count as legal evidence? You bet it would. Reading about and doing research is important evidence that you are in the process of manifesting your desire.

Q: Is an increasingly positive state of mind manifestation evidence?

A: Yes. To cite another legal example. State of mind is often a key consideration in legal trials, which can help determine the guilt or innocence of an accused. A kindly state of mind suggests innocence. A malevolent state of mind suggests guilt. An increasingly happy and positive state of mind is also important evidence your desire is manifesting.

Q: If you do something or an incident occurs repeatedly, that you have already entered into your manifestation diary as evidence, should each new incident be counted as manifestation evidence?

A: Yes. Suppose you are playing a sport such as hockey. Would you count a new goal if you'd already scored one or more goals? Of course you would. Each goal counts in sports and each incident of manifestation evidence also counts. 

Q: Suppose you make plans related to manifesting your desire; but you have not yet taken action on them. Do your plans count as manifestation evidence?

A: Yes. Suppose an accused criminal is found to have purchased a one way ticket to a far off destination. Would the accused's future plans count as evidence against him or her? Indeed they would. Your plans are also important manifestation evidence.

My next post will further discuss and clarify what counts as evidence your desire is in the process of manifesting. If you find value in this post, I’d appreciate it if you’d share it. Many thanks!

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When we start to plan our holiday, we enjoy theoretically unlimited possibilities.  We could go anywhere in the world and do anything.  We begin to create our holiday by narrowing down our possibilities according to our choices such as:

  • How much money will we invest in our holiday?
  • What is our destination or destinations?
  • How much time will we take for our holiday?
  • What is our means of transportation?
  • Where are we going to stay?
  • What do we wish to do?
  • Who will be our travel companion(s), if anyone?

We also imbue our holiday with emotions such as:

  • This is really going to be fun.
  • I feel like going wild on this holiday.
  • I feel doubtful about X. This trip is make it or break it for our relationship.
  • I feel stressed. I  need to relax.
  • I feel sad X isn’t coming on this trip with me.
  • I feel restless and bored. Why doesn’t X ever want to go anywhere else?

Our holiday is manifested according to our choices, thoughts and emotions we bring to the experience. The same is true of our career, business, marital, family, romantic and financial experiences. We begin with theoretically unlimited potential.  Our experiences are manifested according to the emotions and thoughts we choose.

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Lieutenant Columbo is the legendary cigar chomping old TV series detective, played by Peter Falk, known for his slovenly clothes and dilapidated car.  Columbo constantly examines crime scenes and suspects, meticulously collecting every tiny bit of evidence.  He invariably traps the guilty party in a final gotcha scene. Columbo provides a good mindset for collecting manifestation evidence.

Put on your rumpled Lieutenant Columbo hat when you seek evidence your desire is manifesting. Try to catch every scrap of evidence. The more evidence you notice; the more evidence you find. Like attracts like. The more evidence you find that your desire is manifesting; the more positive “coincidences” occur in your life to guide you closer to your desire. The more evidence you find of your desire manifesting, the more quickly and powerfully it DOES manifest in your life.

Lt. Columbo in “A Trace of Murder” (1997)

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As individuals, our power is limited. That is why we court endless frustration when we try to “make it happen” all by ourselves. If we relied only on ourselves, using only our personal skill, time and energy; it may take us many years to build a single home.  Moreover; unless we are skilled builders, it may not even be a particularly good home.

When we connect with The Source, our powers are unlimited. A light bulb is a good analogy. By itself, a light bulb is of little use. In order to provide light; it must be connected with a power source. The problems we experience manifesting our desires arise largely from trying to do it on our own and not being aligned with our desire. If we are not connected to The Source, no amount of wishing, hard work, planning, education etc. will manifest our desires.  Just as nothing you can do with a light bulb will make it glow, unless you plug it into a power source.  The two things we must do to manifest our desire are:

  1. Connect with The Source
  2. Align Harmoniously With  Your Desire

There is nothing wrong with planning, of course. However, the success of our planning depends on us being connected with The Source and harmoniously aligned with our desire. If we do not do these two things, all the planning in the world won’t manifest our desire. On the other hand, if we are connected with The Source and in harmony with our desire; we may soar gloriously above our goals and plans.  The Law of Attraction is far more powerful than any goal or plan.

Bill Gates did not set out to be one of the richest men in the world. Nor did he set out to build the world’s biggest software company. Rather Gates had the relatively modest goal of building a company “bigger than my father’s law firm”.  However, Gates’ vision was a computer in every room with Microsoft software inside each computer.  Gates’ vision sky rocketed Microsoft far above his plan. Gates’ vision was in harmony with a far greater achievement than his goal. Naturally, his vision prevailed.

The same is true of Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg; to date, the world’s youngest self made billionaire.  Apparently Zuckerberg was barely motivated by money at all. Rather he was driven by the vision of creating an “open world”. Zuckerberg was in harmony with his vision and it came true. In his late teens, Zuckerberg was able to reject multi billion dollar offers for Facebook, from the likes of Time Warner. These enormously lucrative offers weren’t compatible with Zuckerberg’s vision.

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