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The biggest movements, whether religious, political, consumer or cult, begin with one leader. Often, the leader is viewed as an eccentric, or worse, in the early stages. The leader does something rather different than everyone else.

The first follower, as Derek Sivers notes, “turns a lone nut into a leader”. In fact, the first follower is almost as crucial, to start a movement,  as the leader him or herself. A few more followers embrace the movement and it begins to grow. Growth, as the Law of Attraction dictates, leads to more growth.

The commitment and passion of the leader, and the early followers, largely determine the success of the movement. If the passion is maintained and increased, more and more people join the movement. Passion and commitment attract more passion and commitment. People attract more people. Joining the movement becomes the “cool” thing to do. This motivates still more people to join the movement. The movement may ultimately develop the power to influence an entire nation or even the whole world. It is a dramatic example of the Law of Attraction in action.

Check out Derek Sivers’ great little TED talk on “How to Start a Movement” on the link below.

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