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Why is Oprah Winfrey so massively successful?  Because countless millions of people, around the world, believe she adds value to their lives.

Why are top pop music acts such as The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Kiss, Madonna and Lady Gaga so successful? It’s because they demonstrate an obsession with delivering maximum entertainment value to their fans. They go to considerable expense to do so in terms of theatrical makeup, expending energy, fireworks displays etc.

Why is Bill Gates so successful? Vast numbers of people believe Microsoft products add value to their lives.

The real wealth of successful people is not in their corporations, banks, sometimes luxurious homes, stock and bond portfolios. All these things are merely symbols of their real wealth. The source of all their wealth are their fan bases. Their fan bases are simply groups of people who believe they add value to their lives.
The same is true for all of us. Our fans are people who believe we add value to their lives. Want more fans? Add value to more peoples’ lives.

As we become bigger Value Adders, our attraction power draws other Value Adders into our lives. This makes life better for ourselves and everyone around us.


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