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Our thoughts become manifested in our experience as an acorn, under favorable conditions, eventually manifests as a large tree.  Manifestation does not create things out of nothing. Manifestation simply releases existing potential inside us. This is true of all our desires. We already have the potential to fulfill them. If we didn’t have the potential to fulfill them, we wouldn’t have the desire in the first place. We may have idle wishes we can’t fulfill, such as the wish to win a major lottery prize, but not true desires.

The clarity of our thoughts determines what is manifested in our lives. Strong clear thoughts are relatively quickly and powerfully manifested in matching results. Weak and confused thoughts manifest dubious results. We can’t expect otherwise. Just as we can’t expect to bake a delicious cake if we use rancid butter, sour milk and stale flour. Similarly, the quality of what we manifest depends on the ingredients we use. Our manifestation ingredients are our thoughts and emotions.

An analogy could be a person looking at a travel brochure, while deciding where they’d like to go for a holiday. As they view various destinations, they examine potential… They could visit any destination in the brochure or many others, not shown in the brochure. All of these are potential destinations.

At some point, the person will decide which destination they want to visit.  Their decision will be based on factors such as how much they want to invest in the holiday, which activities and amenities they prefer etc. Their holiday experience will be a manifestation of all the thoughts and decisions which lead to it; and all the thoughts and decisions during their holiday. The manifestation of their holiday is a release of the potential.

The same is true of all our experiences, such as our employment, business, marital, family, relationship, dating, romantic, financial experiences etc.


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