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Taking good care of what you already have sends a powerful message, to the universe, to create more abundance in your life. This applies on every level. For instance:

* If you want finer clothes, make sure the clothes you now own are well cleaned, pressed and altered, if necessary, to look and feel their best.

* If you want more money, make a habit of saving at least 10% of the money you earn and investing it wisely.

*If you want to get along better with your partner, praise them for all that is good about them and your relationship.

* If you want a more modern car, keep your present car well tuned and in good running order.

It is a good thing to express our appreciation for the countless good things we enjoy, with words. However, the actions of taking good care of all our blessings are physical expressions of our appreciation. Such caring actions give our words far more power to manifest our desire.


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