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Right now, you can’t even think about a pink elephant.
Now, what is the first thing you think about? A pink elephant, of course. It is inevitable. You couldn’t escape thinking about the unlikely beast no matter how hard you tried.
What does that have to do with negative thoughts helping you? Plenty. Suppose you feel lousy and its a huge effort to even try to think anything positive. Almost everyone has days like that.
Tell yourself: “Right now, I can’t even think about…Than add the positive thought or event of your choice. Repeat it as many times as you want, with different positive thoughts and events.
For instance;
Right now, I can’t even think about how great life usually is.
Right now, I can’t even think about healthy and energetic I am.
Right now, I can’t even think about happy I often am.
Right now, I can’t even think about my amazing friends/family/spouse, lover.
Right now, I can’t even think about how my income shot way up last year.
This kind of negative thinking helps you in two ways:
1. It isolates negativity in the present moment; right now. This opens the door to more positive thoughts as quickly as the blink of an eye. After all; a moment from now is no longer “right now”. So you could feel more positive in a moment.
2. Most importantly, it focusses your mind sharply on the positive thoughts or events you say you “can’t even think about”. This attracts more of these positive thoughts and events into your life.
Try this type of negative thinking next time you are struggling with bad feelings. Bet it works!
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A few years ago, I watched part of a very forgettable comedy movie. It was about a young woman going through tough times. Every time she encountered a problem, she’d recite an affirmation. For instance, when a date stood her up, she’d say something like, “I am very attractive. Anyone would be proud to date me…” The dubious comedy was derived from the woman’s obvious disbelief in her words. This is a major problem with affirmations. If we affirm something we doubt, we generate negative energy. This pushes our vision away from us. Which is the opposite of what we want. What can you say, instead of affirmations, to get closer to your vision? Keep in mind that your vision (whatever it is) is always something you have experienced in the past and are experiencing right now. You simply want more of it. Whether it is more love, career success, freedom, fame, money or anything else. I suggest a gratitude statement, in which you express gratitude, for your experiences of your vision in the past, present and what is coming to you. This statement is true, because you ARE grateful for your past and present experiences of your vision. You need not pretend to believe anything you doubt! For instance, if our vision is of more financial wealth, you could create a gratitude statement such as: I am grateful for the wealth I have enjoyed in the past, which enabled me to experience….(Example: good food, shelter, clothing etc.) I am grateful for the wealth I enjoy now, which enables me to experience…(Example: holidays, paying your rent or mortgage etc.) I am grateful for the even greater wealth that is coming to me, which enables me to plan for…(Example: my new home, more vacation time, greater freedom, a legacy for my family etc.) Use whatever words inspire you the most. The key is to link the greater good you wish to receive with good you have received in the past and good you are receiving right now, in a chain of gratitude. This is powerful! In the video below, a young boy express gratitude upon receiving a chopping board for a birthday present. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=576wl8j2jFM Please comment on and share this post if you find value in it. Many thanks and Happy Manifestations!

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Many self help gurus urge us to make lists of our goals in different areas. For instance; our fitness goals, career goals, social goals, family goals, relationship goals. The problem with focusing on several goals is that it dilutes our concentration. Weaker concentration produces delayed results, weaker results or no satisfactory results.

We experience quicker and more powerful results when we concentrate on only one major goal at a time. Such concentration builds power. As the old adage goes; he who chases two rabbits will catch none. Rather than make a list of goals; clarify the one goal which is most crucial, right now, to manifesting the change you seek. This is the goal you need to concentrate on.

Check out the article below for some great tips on how to focus more powerfully on your vision.


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As individuals, our power is limited. That is why we court endless frustration when we try to “make it happen” all by ourselves. If we relied only on ourselves, using only our personal skill, time and energy; it may take us many years to build a single home.  Moreover; unless we are skilled builders, it may not even be a particularly good home.

When we connect with The Source, our powers are unlimited. A light bulb is a good analogy. By itself, a light bulb is of little use. In order to provide light; it must be connected with a power source. The problems we experience manifesting our desires arise largely from trying to do it on our own and not being aligned with our desire. If we are not connected to The Source, no amount of wishing, hard work, planning, education etc. will manifest our desires.  Just as nothing you can do with a light bulb will make it glow, unless you plug it into a power source.  The two things we must do to manifest our desire are:

  1. Connect with The Source
  2. Align Harmoniously With  Your Desire

There is nothing wrong with planning, of course. However, the success of our planning depends on us being connected with The Source and harmoniously aligned with our desire. If we do not do these two things, all the planning in the world won’t manifest our desire. On the other hand, if we are connected with The Source and in harmony with our desire; we may soar gloriously above our goals and plans.  The Law of Attraction is far more powerful than any goal or plan.

Bill Gates did not set out to be one of the richest men in the world. Nor did he set out to build the world’s biggest software company. Rather Gates had the relatively modest goal of building a company “bigger than my father’s law firm”.  However, Gates’ vision was a computer in every room with Microsoft software inside each computer.  Gates’ vision sky rocketed Microsoft far above his plan. Gates’ vision was in harmony with a far greater achievement than his goal. Naturally, his vision prevailed.

The same is true of Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg; to date, the world’s youngest self made billionaire.  Apparently Zuckerberg was barely motivated by money at all. Rather he was driven by the vision of creating an “open world”. Zuckerberg was in harmony with his vision and it came true. In his late teens, Zuckerberg was able to reject multi billion dollar offers for Facebook, from the likes of Time Warner. These enormously lucrative offers weren’t compatible with Zuckerberg’s vision.

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In order to live the lives we want, we must start by owning our vision.

As long as we refuse to take responsibility for our lives, we give our power to other people and circumstances. No long term improvement is possible until we claim the responsibility and power ourselves.  Concentrate on owning your vision.  It does you good to celebrate every step you take on the path to taking 100% responsibility for your life and vision.

While we assume total responsibility for our lives, we must allow others to assume responsibility for theirs. We must make our own decisions. We must not let others to shift responsibility, for their lives, onto us. Nor should we try to control other people or circumstances. This is futile and exhausting. Just as we must follow our path; others must follow theirs. Others must make their own decisions. Just as we know what is best for us; others know what is best for them.

The more responsibility we take for our vision and lives; the more control we have to design our lives as we wish. The following is a sample statement of ownership of your vision:

At this date (date),   I (Your name) own my vision of  ______________________________.   I own my vision and results completely and understand they are an outer reflection of my inner world.

You may accept this vision statement or create one more to your liking.

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