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Right now, you can’t even think about a pink elephant.
Now, what is the first thing you think about? A pink elephant, of course. It is inevitable. You couldn’t escape thinking about the unlikely beast no matter how hard you tried.
What does that have to do with negative thoughts helping you? Plenty. Suppose you feel lousy and its a huge effort to even try to think anything positive. Almost everyone has days like that.
Tell yourself: “Right now, I can’t even think about…Than add the positive thought or event of your choice. Repeat it as many times as you want, with different positive thoughts and events.
For instance;
Right now, I can’t even think about how great life usually is.
Right now, I can’t even think about healthy and energetic I am.
Right now, I can’t even think about happy I often am.
Right now, I can’t even think about my amazing friends/family/spouse, lover.
Right now, I can’t even think about how my income shot way up last year.
This kind of negative thinking helps you in two ways:
1. It isolates negativity in the present moment; right now. This opens the door to more positive thoughts as quickly as the blink of an eye. After all; a moment from now is no longer “right now”. So you could feel more positive in a moment.
2. Most importantly, it focusses your mind sharply on the positive thoughts or events you say you “can’t even think about”. This attracts more of these positive thoughts and events into your life.
Try this type of negative thinking next time you are struggling with bad feelings. Bet it works!
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One of the paradoxes in life is that everything is hardest to obain when we most need it.  There is a lot of truth to the old joke that in order to obtain a bank loan, you’ve got to prove that you don’t need one. Few things turn people off as much as neediness. Neediness is a killer in every market from the job market to the dating market. Virtually nobody wants to hire, date or otherwise get involved with a needy person. People are drawn to those who are doing well without them.

The same is true of our desires. Don’t count on manifesting your desire to make your life right. It won’t happen. You are most attractive to your desire when you are happy without it. The first step towards manifesting what you want is to become as happy as you can without it. This vastly increases your attraction power towards your desire and all good in general.

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What you choose to manifest is not as important as mastering the art of manifesting. As giving someone a fish takes care of only one meal.  Teaching them to fish helps feed them for life. So rather than hoping for quick fulfillment of our present desire, we are better off to seek mastery of the art of manifestation. Rather than inspire you for a short period of time; this powerful skill can bring you lifelong benefits. You can also teach it to those you care about, so they can enjoy lifelong benefits from it too.

As you enjoy growing mastery of the Law of Attraction, you no longer feel like a victim of circumstances, such as the economy, your boss, your environment, your upbringing, your socio-economic status etc. You become the pilot of your life. You take control. You have the power to make your own circumstances. It’s a beautiful thing.

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For instance:

If you desire a certain sum of money; multiply that sum by two. Now plan how you would invest and spend your money. What difference would it make in your life?

If you desire a 3 bedroom 1,600 square foot home, think of how you’d live in a 2,800 square foot 4 or 5 bedroom home. What sort of kitchen would you want? How would you use the basement and extra bedrooms?

If you desire a lover you find attractive; plan how your life would change if you enjoyed a lover you find absolutely ravishing.

Our minds are flexible and once we expand our minds, they will never shrink back to their original size. This is one of many amazing things about our minds. Preparing to receive something bigger than your desire makes you more comfortable with your desire and may pave the way for something even better.  

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Stories can be very powerful ways to get messages across. Since the dawn of civilization, humans have communicated valuable aspects of their heritage, lessons and important information through stories passed down from generation to generation. It is much more powerful to tell stories than to impart facts.

There are certain facts in all our lives, such as the date of our birth, the number of brothers and sisters we have, the neighborhood we lived in, who we associated with, our grades in school, what our first job was etc. From these basic facts, we have constructed a story about ourselves. In most cases, it is a narrative which is rather limited in scope. It is based on what we’ve heard from parents, family members, friends, teachers and others. It is also based on what we’ve experienced in the past. However, it often has nothing to do with what we COULD do. There are countless examples of “ordinary” people accomplishing unusual and heroic things when they were sufficiently motivated. For instance, to save the lives of loved ones.

The basic facts about us are unimportant in the scheme of things.  We can create a new life story, including our desire, based on the same facts. It is not difficult to create any number of narratives from the same basic facts.

For example; take a couple of controversial historical figures, such as former U.S. President Ronald Reagan and former English Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Nobody disputes the basic facts about how long they served as U.S. President and British P.M.  Nobody disputes basic facts about their childhood, former careers before attaining high political office etc. Nobody disputes the various laws which were passed under their administrations. Nobody disputes the essence of the public speeches they made.

However, you will get completely different narratives about these two former leaders if you speak to a staunch conservative and a radical leftist.  The facts are the same but the narratives are as different as night and day. It is feasible to take the basic facts about your life and create a new story, which is at least as accurate and true to the facts as the one you habitually use now; but would serve you much better.

Think back on your life story. Take facts and episodes from your life which would support your new narrative.

For example:

Fact:    Starting at a young age, you started several small businesses. Eventually, you closed all these businesses.

Old  Story:  My repeated failures as a business owner prove I’m not cut out to be self employed. I’m not the entrepreneurial type.

New Story:  The fact that I started businesses from a young age demonstrates unusually high drive. Many successful entrepreneurs had false starts.  I have learned a great deal from these experiences which can foster my success in my next venture.

 Fact:                  You experienced shyness as a child and young adult.

Old Story:            I’ve always had limited people skills. Dealing with people has never been my strong point. I need to keep this in mind for both my professional and social life.

New Story:         Though I wasn’t the most popular child or young adult, I had some good friends. I have learned much since than about people skills and my people skills can become one of my major assets.            

What is your current life story? What would you like your story to be?

Now search your past and present to find as much evidence as you can that your new story could be true.

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